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This is our website philosophy. Growing a small business is a bit like raising children. That’s why we build each business website with utmost seriousness and put in our best efforts to make it successful.

Do take a look at some websites that we built recently

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    Event Pieces

    Online shop for an Event Management business

    Shopping cart business website

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    The Cyrano Experience

    Website for a Romance Planner, London

    Promotional business website

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    Wythenshawe Catholic Church

    Website for Wythenshawe Catholic Church

    Promotional website

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    Protegy Consulting

    Website for a Consulting business in London

    Promotional business website

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    Ile Oba

    Website for an Aso Oke specialist, London

    Promotional business website

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    UK based lifestyle consultancy focusing on fashion, beauty and personal development.

    Promotional business website

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    Website for an Event Hire business, London

    Promotional business website

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    Musician Kevin Phoenix

    Website for a musician based in Manchester

    Promotional business website

What comes after I send the inquiry?

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We make a call to plan your website and its features


Then, we estimate the cost & get your approval


Next, we design the pages & develop all website features


Then, we ask you if you are happy to launch the site & make any changes you want


Launch the website


We train you to manage your site


In case something doesn't work as planned (it's highly unlikely) we fix it for free for the next 1 year

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  • I found Tharro while looking for a web design company on Google. +

    I found Tharro while looking for a web design company on Google. I wrote to 2 other agencies too, but one didn’t respond and the other’s offer was not attractive. I zeroed in on Tharro, because their previous work was impressive. Since I’m not a tech geek I found their free technical support for 1 year very attractive. No one else offered it.  It has now been 2+ years and the website is working perfectly. I find it easy to post new pictures or edit any text on my site. Now, my customers find me through my website easily and call me too.

    Luke Buckley

  • Hi Guys! This is such good news!!! +

    Hi Guys! This is such good news!!! I've had a look at the site and I'm pleased with the outcome. There are a few tweaks but nothing that can't stop the launch for now. Thanks so much!

    Susan Morris,

  • Team Tharro!!! A hell of a good team! +

    Team Tharro!!! A hell of a good team!

    "The average person puts only 25% of his energy into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote their 100%."

     I for one stand on my head and salute team Tharro, for the herculean effort that has gone into designing and implementing both my websites.
    (Yes, even we think Mr. Bhat has been too kind to us :-)

    Vasan Bhat
    High Wycombe

  • Tharro built a website that represents my business +

    Tharro built a website that represents my business even better than how I thought it should! When my customers call me, it is mostly to place an order. Almost all their questions are answered on the website itself. I do a day job and run my business part time, so this has been the biggest blessing for me.

    Beth Gladman

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How does professional web design help you do more business?

  • Professional web design can bring more customers to your website +

    Professional web design can bring your website to the top of Google’s search results: With professional web design, you can give attention to all details of your website. You can optimise each element- domain name, urls, links, metadata, navigation, text, photos and images – for the best results on Google and other search engines. This is important, because if you are a small business, you will probably depend on search engines like Google to get new customers. To be seen by people, your website must come, ideally, on the first page of Google’s search results or at least in pages 1-3. But how do you achieve this when there are hundreds or thousands of businesses like yours, all vying for the top 10 position? This is where an experienced, professional web designer can help you. Good web design will optimise your site for search engines and give your business a good head-start on the web.  
  • Why is professional web design important for small businesses? +

    Many business owners (especially if it’s their first business website) initially fail to see the differences between a professionally built website and a template website. They spend their time, energy and money on D-I-Y website builder kits or template themes changing colours or pictures and tweaking arrangement of ‘boxes’.  The result is a feeble website that looks like a thousand others and fails to bring them any new business. If you are hoping to make new customers online, every element on your website must be carefully planned and professionally built to persuade website visitors to do what you want them to do. This is where professional web design scores way above generic template themes.
  • Professional web design can convert website visitors into paying customers: +

    How do you behave while doing an online search? You come across scores of websites; but you don’t spend time on all of them. You quickly scan the homepage and decide in a matter of 5-10 seconds (sometimes in 1-3 seconds) whether you want to buy or not. This is how your customers would behave on your website as well. If you do not make the right first impression and put your best foot forward, you may lose them forever. Building websites for businesses requires more than just the skills of designing and using the software. In addition, it requires a sound understanding and application of Consumer Psychology, Advertising and Learning theories as well as Web programming, Information Architecture, Usability and Search Engine Optimisation. Professional web design makes your website “look the business”. It inspires confidence in your prospects in the very first look. It reduces their fears and gives them the confidence to share their personal information or credit card details. Your website gives you a legitimate, established image which promotes trust and prompts customers to pick up their phone and give you a call.
  • Professional websites are easier to market: +

    With professional web design, you can market your website effectively on your own. You can ask your web designer to build your site on a  Content Management System like Joomla and manage all website content (like text and images)yourself, easily. You can post photos and add updates anytime, independently. This will keep your website alive and fresh; search engines will give your website a higher rank. You can link to your Facebook business page, post new articles and pictures and get Like’s, Comments and Shares. You can use RSS feed or send new offers to your customers. These are all simple, yet very effective marketing tools on a professional business website.
  • Professional websites are easy to maintain: +

    Good web design takes into account ease of management and designs modules which can be maintained by business owners themselves. An experienced web designer can use a Content Management System like Joomla to create a website which will be light on maintenance. Updates can be done easily without a technical expert’s help, because they have a plain-English backend and anyone familiar with typing on a keyboard can post new content on these websites.
  • With professional web design, you can add features which promote your business: +

    Different businesses need different tools to promote their businesses. A professional web designer can recommend and build the most useful features for your website. Features like photo gallery, Facebook integration, blog and newsletters are some popular tools for business promotion. 
  • Professionally designed websites ‘live’ longer and perform better: +

    Professional web design ensures that your website performs well on all popular browsers. This is important because people have different browser preferences. Some prefer Mozilla Firefox or Chrome while some others are familiar with IE or Safari. Also, not everyone updates their browsers regularly; they may continue to use the old versions. Your website, with all its functionalities, must work perfectly on all these multiple versions of all popular browsers in order to make sure that you don’t lose any prospects. You must also consider future browser upgrades when designing your website. Browsers get upgraded all the time and you don’t want your website to get mashed up 6 months after the launch. Make sure that your website is built for ‘forward compatibility’.
  • Professional web design gives you better after sales support: +

    When you hire a professional web design firm to create your website, you are creating a relationship with a small group of people who are specialists in web design, graphic design and online advertising. If you need a new feature on your website or a logo or a flyer,  you can always get quality support, because they already know your business and your specific requirements. You’ll be spared the efforts to find a new expert for each small task and explain your business and requirements to multiple people.  
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