Loophole of the Gods by Lyle Milton

Loophole of the Gods by Lyle MiltonEnter for your chance to win one of 100 e-book copies of LOOPHOLE OF THE GODS, by Lyle Milton, the first in the Man Zero pentalogy.

Can a girl be murdered if she was never born?

It's a paradox at the core of an astonishing case, one that exhumes horrific memories for one private investigator.

Over a year ago, Jesse Davenport, P.I., plummeted into hell when he lost his only child 'Lainey' to a brutal murder. Thrown in jail and put on trial for executing her killers in a blind rage, he ultimately escaped conviction, but not the persecuting eyes of the public. So, isolated in his all-consuming grief, he retreated into the shattered remains of his life, shielding himself from the world.

But when the world comes knocking with sledgehammer, Jesse's shield is obliterated by a copycat case of Lainey's murder. A copycat made more shocking—the victim was never born.

It’s Never Too Late by Kathie Lee Gifford

It’s Never Too Late by Kathie Lee GiffordIs it time for you to rewrite your story? Enter for your chance to win one of 25 first edition copies of Kathie Lee Gifford's new book, It's Never Too Late.

When Kathie Lee Gifford stepped down as cohost of the fourth hour of the Today show with Hoda Kotb, you might have thought her best days were behind her. It turns out, she was just getting started. As Kathie Lee says, “I’m not retiring; I’m refiring!”

Kathie Lee inspires us to pursue what really matters. Because it’s never too late to forgive, to dance the cha-cha, or to make a difference in the world.

God placed His dreams in your heart for a reason. And like Kathie Lee, you might just discover that the best is yet to come.

Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle

Blind Vigil by Matt CoyleEnter for a chance to win one of 100 copies of BLIND VIGIL, the 7th novel in the multiple award-winning Rick Cahill Series by author Matt Coyle.

BLIND VIGIL is a thriller and a PI novel and perfect for fans of Michael Connelly and John Sandford. New York Times best-selling author T. Jefferson Parker calls BLIND VIGIL “emotionally wrenching and haunting . . . a visceral tour de force of the PI tradition.”


A friend arrested for murder. A vicious killer lurking in the shadows. A world of darkness.

Blinded by a gunshot wound to the face while working as a private investigator nine months ago, Rick Cahill is now sure of only one thing: he has to start a new life and leave his old one behind.

He's still trying to figure out what that life is when his onetime partner, Moira MacFarlane, asks for his help on a case she's taken for Rick's former best friend. The case is simple and Moira only needs Rick for one interview, but Rick is wary of waking sleeping demons.

Ultimately, he goes against his gut and takes the case which quickly turns deadly. Rick's old compulsion of finding the truth no matter the cost—the same compulsion that cost him his eyesight and almost his life—battles against his desire to escape his past.

The stakes are raised when Rick's friend is implicated in murder and needs his help. Can he help the friend he no longer trusts while questioning his own lessened capabilities? His life depends on the answer as a shadowy killer lurks in the darkness.

Behind the Door by A. Gavazzoni

Behind the Door by A. GavazzoniEnter for a chance to win a copy of the multi-award winner novel Behind The Door. An Amazon's Best seller, this Psychological and erotic thriller is going to shake your convictions, when you face: A sudden death
inexplicable crimes and a serial killer on the loose

In The Shadow of Dora by Patrick Hicks

In The Shadow of Dora by Patrick HicksEnter a chance to win one of three signed first editions of IN THE SHADOW OF DORA by award-winning novelist, Patrick Hicks. We think of the Space Age beginning in Russia or America, but it really began in a secret underground Nazi concentration camp. This is the story of the real life connections between the Holocaust and the Apollo Program.

Spanning two very different decades—from the Nazi camp of Dora-Mittelbau to the coast of central Florida on the eve of Apollo 11 lifting off—this gripping narrative of survival explores the intersections between the terror of the Third Reich’s V-2 rocket program and the wonderment of landing on the moon.

Eli Hessel, a brilliant young Jewish mathematician, finds himself deep beneath a mountain where he is forced to build Nazi rockets. When he is finally freed, he immigrates to New York, studies astrophysics, and is recruited by the Kennedy Space Center. As America turns to the moon and cheers for rockets that lance the sky, Eli is swallowed up by the past and must cope with brutal memories he thought were safely buried.

IN THE SHADOW OF DORA is a chilling novel that explores an unknown story of the Holocaust, the meaning of secrets, and how the past influences the present.

If we clamp down images of horror, will they always ignite and rise up on us?

A ​Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa Tahir

A ​Sky Beyond the Storm by Sabaa TahirEnter to win a hardcover copy of A SKY BEYOND THE STORM by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sabaa Tahir!

(No PO boxes please)

Prepare for the jaw-dropping finale of Sabaa Tahir's beloved New York Times bestselling An Ember in the Ashes fantasy series, and discover: Who will survive the storm?

Picking up just a few months after A Reaper at the Gates left off...

The long-imprisoned jinn are on the attack, wreaking bloody havoc in villages and cities alike. But for the Nightbringer, vengeance on his human foes is just the beginning.

At his side, Commandant Keris Veturia declares herself Empress, and calls for the heads of any and all who defy her rule. At the top of the list? The Blood Shrike and her remaining family.

Laia of Serra, now allied with the Blood Shrike, struggles to recover from the loss of the two people most important to her. Determined to stop the approaching apocalypse, she throws herself into the destruction of the Nightbringer. In the process, she awakens an ancient power that could lead her to victory--or to an unimaginable doom.

And deep in the Waiting Place, the Soul Catcher seeks only to forget the life--and love--he left behind. Yet doing so means ignoring the trail of murder left by the Nightbringer and his jinn. To uphold his oath and protect the human world from the supernatural, the Soul Catcher must look beyond the borders of his own land. He must take on a mission that could save--or destroy--all that he knows.

Ten Things I Hate About the Duke by Loretta Chase

Ten Things I Hate About the Duke by Loretta ChaseEnter now for a chance to win a Kindle edition of Ten Things I Hate About the Duke by Loretta Chase, the next book in her Difficult Dukes series with a delightful spin on Shakespeare's classic, The Taming of the Shrew.

Cassandra Pomfret holds strong opinions she isn’t shy about voicing. But her extremely plain speaking has caused an uproar, and her exasperated father, hoping a husband will rein her in, has ruled that her beloved sister can’t marry until Cassandra does.

Now, thanks to a certain wild-living nobleman, the last shreds of Cassandra’s reputation are about to disintegrate, taking her sister’s future and her family’s good name along with them.

The Duke of Ashmont’s looks make women swoon. His character flaws are beyond counting. He’s lost a perfectly good bride through his own carelessness. He nearly killed one of his two best friends. Still, troublemaker that he is, he knows that damaging a lady’s good name isn’t sporting.

The only way to right the wrong is to marry her…and hope she doesn’t smother him in his sleep on their wedding night.