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Avec son sens aigu du dialogue une intrigue très efficace et un fond de noirceur désespérée ui n'est pas sans rappeler les premiers livres de James Ellroy on doit tenir Ake Edwardson pour une des révélations du polar scandinaveGérard Meudal Le MondeLa canicule produit de drôles d'effets à Göteborg en cette fin d'été Tensions exacerbées violences affrontements uoti Very enjoyable Swedish mystery wonderful characters and an interesting plot with great twists and turnsI read my first Åke Edwardson book Death Angels a couple of weeks ago and while I loved the characters and thought the plot was well done the delivery of it all and conclusionexplanation definitely fell short for me That book is in the first in Edwardson's Inspector Erik Winter series and since there were so many things I liked about it I decided to try the second one before making my mind up about the authorVerdict I'm so glad that I did The Shadow Woman had all the positives of Death Angels great mystery and wonderful characters while missing the negatives feeling completely out of the loop and an abrupt ending Winter is wonderful and I loved him just as much as I did before; his team appears again in this book and is just as well written I am predicting a romance between two of the characters and keeping my fingers crossed that it happens because it would definitely be an opposites attract situationBest of all of course is that the mystery is actually a good one One of my Goodreads updates halfway through was This book might have an amazing and mind bending plot I'm still too confused to be sure Having now finished the book I can happily tell you that it did indeed have some terrific twists and turns some that I started to guess towards the end and others that caught me completely off guard Edwardson makes the reader just confused enough to make it interesting and keep you guessing while leaving enough hints to make you eager to read on and see if what you're piecing together might be right As with Death Angels we're given different POVs throughout the book though Winter's is the main one This includes the victims' and perpetrators' though these are obviously uite obscure and don't always make sense when you read them gaining new meaning as you get further in the storyI do have to say that I am still not completely sure I understand why the female victim did what she did when she did it I'm referring to the actions that precipitate her death but I have a feeling that may be something in terms of detail that was lost in translation It is laid out for us but I was nonetheless left with a few uestionsHaving developed a little reader's crush on Winter and not being completely in love with his girlfriend the only thing that's keeping me from wanting to read the other books is that I know from summaries that their relationship gets increasingly serious When we start the series Winter is dating Angela yet still getting postcards from other girlfriends and considering sleeping with other women We rarely see her and when we do it almost always involves them having sex and sometimes includes a minor conversation so I think it's no wonder that I don't really feel a connection with her She's somewhat of a flat character and slightly boringWinter's sister and parents have roughly the same on page time as Angela however they all come off as three dimensional characters There's a tension between Winter and his father that is as yet unexplained though we're getting info with each successive bookOn to the next in the seriesChief Inspector Erik Winter Series As of May 2011 only books 1 5 have been translated into EnglishBook 1 Death Angels Book 2 The Shadow WomanBook 3 Sun and Shadow Book 4 Never End Book 5 Frozen Tracks Book 6 Segel aus Stein Book 7 Zimmer Nr 10 Book 8 Vänaste land Book 9 Nästan död man Book 10 Den sista vintern NOTE I do think this is one of those series that doesn't have to be read in order but is enjoyable if you do

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NsPlongée vertigineuse dans une histoire de solitude et de dépossession cette seconde enuête d'Erik Winter touche aussi au monde secret des bikers scandinaves et nous entraîne jusu'au Danemark Après Danse avec l'ange Ake Edwardson confirme ici son talent avec un ton bien à lui excellant dans les atmosphères plombées et l'humour cinglantTraduit du suédois par Anna Gibs Rather than the publisher's blurb description above which seems to want to dial up some tabloid style racial violence to splash on the book's back cover Åke Edwardson's mystery is about detection in and of itself The ways the investigators may use to investigate and the way crime gets brought to light Which is kind of a shame First obviously for the reader who just wants some sensational race baiting conflict but also for those who might actually be after what's present in the real novel itself Simmering with ethnic discord Well no not so much A little maybe as there are some tremors of racial intolerance in the book But there is probably as much about the weather as there is about ethnic discord Maybe this is one of those national border things where the home country's edition is truthfully described but anything goes once it's a foreign edition Out of sight out of mind now with tabloid additivesThe book itself uses classic tight Police Procedural methods in the early chapters; a nearly perfect mystery in structural terms is laid out very carefully at first The main conflict in the story begins to emerge only halfway through as we witness the clockwork mechanism of the investigators ticking through its paces What begins to gain hold is the opposite of the 'procedural' methods that flash of the old Holmesian inspiration which defies logic in the clockwork sense of police work but nudges the investigator toward glimpses of a new understanding It is maybe the very clinical strictness of the early going that offers the reader a shock a moment of double take when the detective takes the occasional unforeseen left turn in his uest What was once an admirable tenacity in sticking to procedure becomes a wild goose chase at least to the outside observer; the story is constructed well enought that the reader knows otherwise There is a problem that is general to most mysteries and that is with Plausibility; it is no better than 5050 that readers will be able to accept the average detective's leaps of imagination The Holmes model was an excercise in straining that acceptance to the last unravelling thread Åke Edwardson's model is different first setting up narrow definitions for the narrative that must somehow confront the chaotic intuitive approach as he arranges to bring it in And it's not without humor It's often been shown that the choice of location is not random A murderer selects his spotI agree with you I thinkWe have to ask ourselves why she was put there Why she was lying at Delsjö Lake Then why at that particular end of the lake Proximity to the road Beier interjected Maybe Then we have to ask ourselves why she was lying exactly in that spot Not five yards this way or thatYou really go in for the mise en scèneThe mise en scène involves movement; it's the opposite of standing stillThat was beautifully put Beier said Good characters well rendered atmosphere and no tabloid content Very near to four stars I'll be looking for other titles from Mr Edwardson; as good as he is here with the continuing detective I hope he does stand alone titles which are generally a much better test of the author's talents

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Diens dans les rues la ville est en ébullition uant au commissaire Erik Winter il se laisse pousser les cheveux fait du vélo et se baigne chaue jour dans la mer en se demandant combien de temps encore il pourra résister aux pressions d'Angela ui menacent durement sa vocation de dandy célibataire Puis une nuit le corps d'une inconnue est découvert près d'un lac des enviro I remember my daughter as a toddler blond hair mostly straight but with just a bit of poof to it a wit far beyond her years mostly unintentional a love for Ariel and most other things Disney And when I read this book the loneliness the fear that this little girl felt I cried This the second book by Edwardson I've read the first being the initial novel with Erik Winter Death Angels confirms what I felt about the first; Edwardson is damn good I will add the next in the series Sun and Shadow in my TO BUY list A corpse of a woman around 30 is found lying in a ditch discarded as if trash No identification and no one is calling in a missing persons report that resembles her The autopsy shows no sign of sexual assault but it does reveal that she has given birth And so begins the uest to identify her and then her killer and to find a child Thus begins a twisted tale that takes Winter to various parts of the west coast of Sweden; the coast itself farmlands the forests and even to Denmark to investigate a bank robbery from some 25 years back that went unsolved This journey weighs heavily on Winter's mind as he has become obsessed with the murdered woman and her child a daughter around 4 or 5 years old Also his girlfriend is pressuring him to make a bigger commitment of their relationship and both his sister and his mother are pressuring him to become involved in family The group of detectives under Winter's command is diverse; a Swedish born black woman; a pig headed though good detective semi racist; several senior members who are considerably older than Winter who is their superior Amidst all of the confusion of an investigation that seems at times to go nowhere are an attack on one of his detectives which leaves her with a broken jaw and a shoot out among possible rival biker gangs where a uniformed officer was severely wounded As complex of a story the Edwardson has written he has made it than intriguing It was difficult at times to put down so I usually didn't I'm not sure what it is about Scandinavian mysteries and cop shop novels that makes me enjoy them so but I do I've enjoyed Icelandic novels several from Norway Jo Nesbo is fantastic and of course Sweden I look forward to many

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