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أن تكون نفسك

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لظروف تتحكم في مستوى سعادتنا ليس كل المتدينين سعداء السعادة من الممكن شراؤها بالمالفي هذا Very constr

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في هذه الكتاب قررت أن أقول الحقيقة لا ما يقال عادة في كتب أخرى الحظ له تأثير كبير في حياتنا ا amazing boo

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لكتاب ستعرف كيفية تحقيق السعادة الحقيقية طبقا لأحدث الدراسات و الأبحاث العلمية حول العالم the most am

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    amazing book highly recommended

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    I have to re read it over and over again

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    than just a book it helped me a lot to know the real me

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    To start the new year and the new Era with a book about Being Yourself 😍❤️TechnicallyMy first book of the year isسبعة أبواب مغلقة

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    Very constructive book that boosts your energy

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    It didn't add much to me I think it can be a good start for someone who have not read about self development before but this didn't change the fact it had some new info it is wrote in a nice simple and fun way I enjoyed reading it

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    the most amazing book i have ever read Drsherif arafa is really different and brilliant He always has a practical way in convincing i love him

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    so i decided to be lucky from now on

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