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    Sand and Rene are a lesbian couple that share damaging secrets that could destroy their relationship Sand is the butch of the relationship who's cornrows hazel eyes and boyish mannerisms cause many a women to take notice but allegedly Sand only has eyes for Rene's angelic face which she has tattooed on her arm Sand is working hard to open a club add to that the distraction of other women trying to get with her one can understand why she isn't able to pay as much attention to Rene as Rene wants Rene is struggling to live with the stigma that comes with living an alternate lifestyle Sexy as hell the men that push up on her aren't trying to hear that she wants to be with another woman Not even Rene's best friend Shun understands why she wants to be with Sand when there are so many men vying for her attention Not to mention that Rene has never been with a man and Shun knows that Rene should test out the water and see what she's been missing Rene finally decides to give in to Shun's urgings and hooks up with Vincent but she's bitten off way than she can chew Rene is truly leading a double life as she finds herself living with Sand while being engaged to Vincent And of all the things that Sand can tolerate Rene creeping with a man is not one of them But with Sand caught up in her own web of deception will she even manage to notice Rene's? What did you like about the book? There were lots of betrayals and lies plus major twists and turns that will throw the readers through loops What did you dislike about the book? Some of the twists were a little over the top and with so many occurring readers may have to go back to reread certain parts What can the author do to improve the book? A little realism would help and of course all the loose ends have to be tied up nicely in the seuel

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    Gripping Deep Action Packed Full Of Twists Turns A Hot Read I Loved It

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    What a wild ride I've had this book for a few years and finally got around to reading it I was not disappointed There was lots of drama scandals and twists involved It was hard to determine who was friend or foe This book kept me interested from the beginning until the end I am looking forward to reading books by this authorKenya ESoul Sistahs Book Club

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    Another one I had sitting on my kindle since forever I should have left it there Not only was I confused by the story I annoyed by typos And I already have the second book downloaded from who knows whenI need closure

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    Pretty good book started out slow but picked up and ended great

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    I downloaded this book when it was offered as a freebie Compared to the slew of crappy freebie books i often come across most of which i can't even finish this one was surprisingly good At first i was ready to discard it and skimmed the first few chapters then something i think when the first big twist in the story appeared got me hooked into the drama and i just kept reading The author did a great job of creating believable and well defined characters And the writing was authentic and put you right there in the middle of this culture I was thankful for growing up in a similar neighborhood though as i'm sure i wouldn't have understood most of the slang used if i hadn't In that regard i found it even entertaining since it was like time travel into another world for me The plot was intense It was what made me keep reading this book and it's also what had me mad at the end First off there were so many shocking twists to this book and i had to keep going to see what would happen next so many people screwing each other over so much drama It was the cross between a soap opera and a train wreck and i couldn't look away The first half kind of reminded me of ASIN0985477806 She Wants Her another urban romance book that i really liked that was intense as hell But then by the end so many ridiculous and violent things had happened that i wasn't sure how it could possibly end well And guess what you won't know how it ends unless you buy the seuel and possibly not even then since i haven't read the seuel Now some people like cliff hangers so i can't bash this book for the MANY unresolved situations i can only point out that they exist here So if you are like me and need your book to have a nice clean ending be warnedEditing was not bad at all except for a few pages at the end where there were no spaces what so ever and allofthewordsrantogetherwithonlypunctuation like that It may just be on the e book version not sure This author has talent and i may at some point read the follow up bookWritingcreativity 5 starscharacter development 5 starsEditing 3 starsEnding that doesn't leave you hanging 2 starsplenty hot and steamy but be prepared for plenty of violence in and out of the bedroom willing and unwilling

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    Miserably PerplexedSand is slick charming and most of all irresistible If there was a uick get rich scheme then Sand was than likely the culprit behind it Constantly having something to prove Sand passed all the tests Kicked out for being different at the ripe age of 16 Sand fought hard to achieve not only a high school diploma but a college degree Rene is beautiful and sexy She was a foster child placed in the system by a mother whose career was important than her raising her child Determined to be than a paycheck to someone Rene found a job an apartment and Sand's relentless love Sand is busy fulfilling a dream to own a legit business While preparing for the opening Sand's time becomes shorter and leaves Rene with time of her own where she finds herself wondering if she's happy living a life with Sand or is someone else suitable for that position My Secrets Your Lies reveals betrayal greed suspense and drama to Sand and Rene's relationship Will this young couple be able to handle the demons stalking their happiness? While newcomer N'tyse does a great job with building her characters I felt that the story got a little too jumbled when it came to revealing the conspiracy While the twists are steadily rolling in there are literally so many that readers will become overwhelmed trying to keep score with who is an alliance or an enemy

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    Ok I am in no way a professional reviewer So my comment as it pertains to this title is strictly my own perception of My Secrets Your LiesWhile this story has the potential to be a great read it wasn’t executed to its full potential The plot itself was exciting filled with surprising twists and turns There are several characters throughout the novel that all tie in together and play key roles as the story unfolds; however some roles played were far fetched than others I would not label My Secret Your Lies as an erotica due to the dull lacking sex scenes In my opinion it is along the lines of urban street lit Based on some of the reviews I read I thought that I was going to be taken on a hell of ride from the first page; unfortunately that was not the case I didn’t gain sincere interest until I was almost halfway through the book; I stuck with it though and I’m glad I did Towards the end was when things started to get interesting and I found myself anticipating the next chapter Although the book ended abruptly just as my adrenaline started to flow I found this to be the most intriguing part It left me wanting ; a great comeback from a stale beginning Overall My Secret Your Lies can be a great read with a little work Especially when it comes to painting the picture for the reader

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    In urban Dallas TX Sand and Rene are a young African American couple who both spent time as homeless teens Sand a male identified woman is working hard to get her business off the ground and become the largest name on the entertainment scene in Dallas Meanwhile her girlfriend Rene is busy leading a double life and planning her own future N’Tyse does a nice job in weaving this tale of two immature lovers who get caught up in the street game and their own lies However the most intriguing aspect of this story is the character development N’Tyse handles Sand and Rene with realism and complexity never reducing them to one dimensional clichés uestions of gender identity and sexuality are actually dealt with on a human level; there is on cartoonish adolescent fantasy here This tale is strictly for adults with open minds My Secrets Your Lies is well written even though the drama gets a little melodramatic from time to time Still it is not the same typical urban street literature that seems to be flooding the market these days N’Tyse is a talented writer and storyteller with a uniue voice that will put her at the top of the urban literature genreTaKeshia BrooksAAMBC Reviewer

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    CONFUSED SISTASThis novel involves a lesbian couple and the trials and tribulations they encounter to try to survive their relationship Sand Cassandra is born a female but lives her life a male She has had desire for women since childhood and has been disowned from her family because of her sexual desire She is then forced to become an adult at an early age by surviving the streets of Dallas Texas Rene is a young female that has grew up in foster homes all of her life She never knew her parents and never really care She put that life past her and met Sand She'd never been in a relationship with a woman or man and trusted Sand with her life Sand played her role as a man in the relationship she cared for Rene financially emotionally and physically Sand begans to encounter other desires for women as she begans to better their lives Rene begans to have second thoughts about being with women and exposes herself to something different This novel has twists and turns than a roller coaster ride Sit back and enjoy the ride Reviewed by Tekisha

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My Secrets Your Lies

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Ng his gay bashing behavior makes it difficult to do While her heart says one thing her mind says another leaving her confused and secretive all over again As Sand and Rene face separate challenges that is the least bit of their problems The neighborhood's 'ueen pen' who everyone knows as Chyna is not one to be played with With her ears to the streets and her eyes on every dollar floating around Dallas Texas it's impossible for anything to get past her So when she propositions Sand and Rene it's no strange coincidence Not when you have a motive of your o. In urban Dallas TX

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Adds that to the collection turning to her liuid pain killer to temporarily ease the hurt Over the next few months Rene's 'alone time' has allowed her a chance to evaluate her relationship with her lover Sand and forces her to uestion her own sexuality Recycled through the foster system as early as four Rene is one whose become accustomed to change Even when she falls for a banker who just happens to be white doesn't surprise her But the day he proposes to her does As she struggles with ways to tell him she's currently involved with another woman observi. I downloaded this b

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If someone could have warned Sand that being in love was so costly she might have taken the oath to never fall in love All her years of loving women have cost her than life itself her family Without looking back after being kicked out of her parent's home when they discover her secret life in a shoe box of love letters Sand unexpectedly receives a phone call from a family friend bearing the tragic news that her mother has passed from breast cancer At her family's reuest she's asked to not attend the funeral With so much agony already instilled Sand just. Gripping Deep Actio

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