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Onvinced that she can control her abilities and live as normal as is possible within the care of The Order Pandora leaves her captors Pandora comes to be known as simply Dora to those she befriends She forms a fast bond with those around her while hiding her capabilities for fear of dismissal However when the lives of those she loves are endangered by the very same men she had escaped she is forced to make one of. Read the original review here at AC Heller chance sacrifice series no 2 This installment is mostly from Aidens point of view and PandoraIts very well thought of Pandora was described briefly in the first book Again the story is head on We meet Dora who's lived almost all of her life with the sapients her parents were killed when she was six and ever since she's been with her captures She has a very dangerous ability which her captures have been using She's saved by Aiden and the others off course and their connection is instant Uhh love is in the air Right from the start Aiden feels this protectiveness toward her a feeling he's never had before Ah and a nice touch to it all is that Aidens sister maddix or smoke has finally shown up The group is trying to find her so they can recruit her In contrary to book no 1 this one has a little going on to it More uestions arises as the book progresses At first I just thought this to be another love story yeah I'm a sucker for that but yes we have fierce love BUT these books have some under lying agenda in it Chance ends with a little spoiler it is the secrets Maddix would never admit that has the potential to change things Or accurately someone AC heller has a great writing style and everything comes clearly trough to mind AC Heller thanks for jet another great book It was a joy to read and can't wait to read from you “Chance knows not of the divine nor the strands of fate It is but a ripple in our precarious existence easily overseen seldom noticed” Damiano

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Pandora has been under the care of The Sapient since she was a young child This is the life that she knows When an army of men from The Order break into the prison in which she is kept she is forced to make the decision to stay or leave What The Order does not know is that Pandora’s captivity is for the good of all men Once her abilities have been unleashed terror and death will rain down on everyone around herC. I couldn't wait for this book to come out after reading Fate I was very happy with it The action is intense and edgy and I like that each book seems to explore a character thoroughly I recommend this book to anyone that likes romance or paranormal romance novels

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The hardest choices of her life All decisions are based on possibilities and chances Whether the results are joyful or dire rests in the hands of a young woman who knows nothing save for the life lived as a captive with clutches for the control to reign herself and her abilities“Chance knows not of the divine nor the strands of fate It is but a ripple in our precarious existence easily overseen seldom noticed”. Pandora Dora for short had accepted her fate Sapient have held her since she was a child She knows she is too dangerous to be running free She has the power to unleash a darkness that kills The Sapient have used her for this When the Order rescues her she is unprepared for the one thing she finds love Aidan has fallen head over heals for her but Dora doesn't know how to return it Meanwhile Aidan's long lost sister has come on the grid and their group is trying to recruit her The Sapient however are not prepared to let Dora go without struggle The very act of defending those she is coming to care about could unleash the death she carries upon themA C Heller's writing style has greatly improved since Fate The story telling has gotten much smoother Thus she builds on the strengths she showed in Fate to create an impressive seuel

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