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  • Something Human
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  • 22 March 2019
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Something Human

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Happiness into something lasting Unless of course the relationship between them changes the course of their people’s history altogetherSomething Human is a standalone mm romance set in an imaginary ancient world about two people bridging a cultural divide with the help of great sex pedantic discussions about the gods and bad jokes about standing ston. Talent So well written and edited that in 245 pages there was one a single tiny wrong word That is unheard of in today's mass ebook marketBut kudos not only for a product well designed the story itself is breathtaking It's a fantasy world so well crafted that I felt it was real I was thereThe plot models a historical setting yet the action takes a backseat to the character development Without even trying I felt like I got to know both main characters intimately Their dialogue is smart and witty I found myself grinning with surprise than once5 starsPS I was going to give it 45 stars but the epilogue bumped it up for me I'm not a huge fan of epilogues especially the OTT ones that wrap up every single thing in a huge colorful bow This epilogue is the way they should all be done Brilliant

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They met on a battlefield and saved each other’s lives It’s not the way enemies to lovers usually worksAdares comes from a civilization of democracy and indoor plumbing Rus belongs to a tribe of tattooed semi nomadic horse breeders They meet in the aftermath of battle when Rus saves Adares’s life and Adares returns the favour As they shelter in an. From the opening scene set on an impromptu battlefield in the immediate aftermath of the battle I knew I was reading something special At The End I experienced that Holy Grail of a feeling that sense of THIS is why I readI read to have exactly this experience to be swept up into a new and immersive world to spend time with flawed and fascinating characters to watch a love story unfold that's heartfelt and heartwrenching and utterly uniue to these two peopleFive full stars for this one and I expect there will be multiple rereads in its future And who knows maybe some day I'll even be able to write a proper review of it

Characters Something Human

Abandoned temple a friendship neither of them could have imagined grows into a mutual attractionBut Rus whose people abhor love between men is bound by an oath of celibacy and Adares has a secret of his own that he cannot share With their people poised for a long and bitter conflict it seems too much to hope that these two men could turn their fleeting. I read a lot and by that I mean a LOT mm historicals and one of the ualities that I really really appreciate is the ability of an author to straddle that fine line between not making the characters feel too contemporary but still at the same time making them feel completely approachable and likeable This is what this book does for me I feel that I get those guys Both of the MCs are highly intelligent and in their own way kind of nerdy but in an environment that suggests some sort of Europe in the BC So there are hints of ancient Greece and the ancient Celts but I think it's a wise choice not to really go there and use made up place names instead because as a reader I don't have to fact check in my hind brainThe world building is well done and the main factor for me is that I totally get that people connect through a shared sense of humour and ethics that just make sense to them and probably always haveWell done authorI enjoyed the book very much and I highly recommend it I'll definitely check out further books by this authorEDIT And I probably should have hit those five stars first because duh sorry for spamming your feed my dears

About the Author: A.J. Demas

AJ Demas writes about love and imaginary politics in a fictional ancient world She lives in Toronto Canada with her husband and cute daughterAJ also publishes fantasy and historical fiction with a metaphysical twist as Alice Degan