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Ushing love disappointmentAlready a controversial success in its original version Romania 2009 eBook and paperback this book will not leave you indifferent With sarcastic insights and not your everyday sexual experiences the character goes all the way in his confessionWomen can't love; they only take prisoners in their emotional cageMen have no so I'm starting thi

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Only lazy people fall in loveThis book is a sincere and cynical confession of a man trying to stay away from love and its side effects after his terrible divorceDirect ironic and ruthless the hero narrates his numerous emotional and sexual encounters in the troubled search for inner peace as he tries to rediscover what women mean to him after a cr Critiue the wri

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Ul because women have no shameWomen cheat just to learn what else they can accuse their men ofAdrian Sahr is 33 years old He majored in Anthropology and Philosophy and has background in film stand up comedy and TV writingHe has divorced twice So farWARNING This book contains disturbing situations dubious consent strong language and graphic violenc originally revie Visual Communication: Images with Messages 7th Edition violenc originally revie

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