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Omega Fated To His Alpha Prince #1

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Nds that his Alpha feels the same His new husband sets about wooing him in the uiet retreat of the country estate where they have traveled for their honeymoon and Francis is surprised by how uickly the tenuous bond of an arranged marriage becomes something while do. AUDIO BOOK REVIEWUmm if anyone is going to buy the audible version think again play the trial for the audiobook version The narrator is AWFUL It sounds like a grown man learning to read or maybe a robot learning to read I couldn't find the print version on or iBooks so I guess I won't get to read this series

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Ing things passionately rough and unprotected Disclaimer This book contains adult sexually explicit content with an intense sex scene male breeding and knotting and dominant alpha with his delicate rare omega This should not be viewed for anyone under the age of 18. Too short for my liking plus it had a cliffhanger This book is pretty much just the very very beginning of a story No climax no build up to some story line changing eventI have a feeling this series will follow this patternBook 1 In the beginning we got married The EndBook 2 I went into Heat and now I'm pregnant The EndBook 3 So now the baby is here The EndBook 4 Epilogue We lived happily ever after The End

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Gay Omega Mpreg Steamy Short Story Romance Francis Barclay is the omega son of a wealthy family just wed to Prince Merritt Augustus heir to the throne But Francis is not content with a business arrangement and the chance of friendship and nothing To his shock he fi. 3 StarsFrancis is an omega betrothed to the Alpha Prince Merritt It’s an arranged marriage with both parties hoping for than simply a marriage of propriety and convenience On their honeymoon Merritt goes about wooing Francis Through a series of sweet gestures and deep conversations Merritt slowly but surely wins Francis’ affections This story is short and sweet with 3 seuels to back it up The world building was pretty light because what can you really do with under 25 pages but I immediately got a historical fiction feel from this story – what with the arranged marriage the royaltykingdom aspect and even the language had a whole old world feel to it Fans of ABO are probably going to love this It has strong alphaomega dynamics lots of “mine” feels and let’s not forget the knotting and the promise of mpreg in the seuels

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