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Wns the local ballet academy a woman from the dark side of Salonika society and the wife of a shipping magnate With extraordinary historical detail and a superb cast of characters  Spies of the Balkans is a stunning novel about a man who risks everything to fight back against the world’s evi. I loved this book and couldn't put it down I bought it by chance saw the cover it looked interesting read the synopsis; it sounded like a story I might like I was right; it was great A historical spy novel set in Greece 1940 as Greece and the Balkans prepare for the Nazi invasion The main character is Costa Zannis a police official who by accident almost becomes involved in working an escape route from Berlin to Salonika He is heroic in a normal way his friends as well The story is so matter of fact but at the same time very exciting Extremely well written it will draw you in make you wait impatiently to see what happens next I will definitely be reading Alan Furst


E game working to secure an escape route for fugitives from Nazi Berlin that is protected by German lawyers Balkan detectives and Hungarian gangsters and hunted by the Gestapo Meanwhile as war threatens the erotic life of the city grows passionate For Zannis that means a British expatriate who o. “And with much of Europe occupied by Nazi Germany and Mussolini's armies in Albania on the Greek frontier one wasn't sure what came next So don't trust the telephone Or the newspapers Or the radio Or tomorrow” ― Alan Furst Spies of the Balkans 12 I loved enjoyed 'Spies of the Balkans' Night Soldiers #11 It wasn't Furst's best in the series but it was a sweet Kataïfi of a novel Emotionally it fed me Furst highlights the little things people do with just a nudge here and a twist there to make a dark world just a bit better 'Spies of the Balkans' focuses on the sacrifices people made during fascism's push into Southern Europe The novel's center of gravity is Costa Zannis a senior police official in Salonika who sometimes finds his talents needed by both the Jews seeking to escape Germany and British spy networks It is a novel that drips with the hidden goodness of those amazing men and women who refused to let dark circumstances dictate their characterFor reference I've included below the 14 books of the Night Soldiers series along with my star rating 1 Night Soldiers 1988 4 stars 2 Dark Star 1991 5 stars 3 The Polish Officer 1995 4 stars 4 The World at Night 1996 3 stars 5 Red Gold 1999 3 stars 6 Kingdom of Shadows 2000 3 stars 7 Blood of Victory 2003 4 stars 8 Dark Voyage 2004 4 stars 9 The Foreign Correspondent 2006 3 stars10 The Spies of Warsaw 2008 4 stars11 Spies of the Balkans 2010 3 stars12 Mission to Paris 2012 3 stars13 Midnight in Europe 2013 3 stars14 A Hero of France 2016 3 stars

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Greece 1940 In the port city of Salonika with its wharves and brothels dark alleys and Turkish mansions a tense political drama is being played out As Adolf Hitler plans to invade the Balkans spies begin to circle and Costa Zannis a senior police official must deal with them all He is soon in th. Shshshshsh Don’t tell anyone It is 1939 In the strategic Greek port city of Salonika rumblings of war can be heard as Nazi Germany gains allies by threat and force People wonder only when the invasion will come Costa Zinnis is the head of a special political branch of the police charged with discretely managing the problems of the connected and keeping his finger on the pulse of the town And there is plenty going on Spies abound A mysterious German accepts an envelope in a dark alley Zinnis and his second pursue and the game is afoot Zinnis is the core here and a solid one The character is both tough and appealing in the classic spy noir style but is a bit shorter in the damaged department that that formula suggests He loves his mother younger brother and dog Melissa who is a very welcome element There are many fine supporting players here A wealthy German Jewish woman needs help smuggling Jews out of Germany Zinnis’ lady friend a Brit owns and runs a dance school and hangs with the Salonika movers and shakers But is she than she appears His rabbi in the police is a wonderful creation an 80 something with solid connections and a clear view ahead A suspicious British “travel writer” makes the rounds as do an assortment of folks from the Greek and Hungarian criminal classes Zinnis teams up with a foreign policeman to try to affect the course of political change It is all very hush hush and all very much fun to read Of course no spy story would be complete without a femme fatale and Spies of the Balkans does not disappoint although I found that element one of the weaker ones The attraction may have fit in with the love at first sight expectations one has of such tales but it seemed forced to me at least on his end The payload here is a look at what life was like in late 1930s Greece while waiting for the other shoe to drop Mussolini threatening to invade is eager to keep up with his mustached German buddy groups within nations vie for political advantage nations look to serve their own interests at the cost of their neighbors preparations are made for resistance The war years are like the Bible in that the tales are eternal Furst has written eleven novels in his “Night Soldiers” series about mostly Eastern Europe during World War II Spies of the Balkans is the latest While reading Spies of the Balkans one cannot help but visualize the events in glorious black and white so well does Furst capture the right feel for the genre In the same way one wonders what Rick and Louis might get up to after Lazlo and Ilsa take flight Spies of the Balkans leaves one wanting This is a fast fun and engaging read The secret is out

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