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    The book provides a simple introduction to Tomcat 7 Its 270 pages cover basic aspects of running and configuring the servlet container including deployment session management security filters Apache integration logging and JNDI However it lacks details that an experienced user would probably expect to findThe text is simple and easy to follow but uite awkward to read since articles are missing everywhereFor each topic Listings provide configuration samples and Tables give brief references for XML element attributes or configuration options availableSeveral discrepancies between the text and the ListingsTables exist all around the book In some places sections have been moved around without adjusting the text Especially Chapter 1 on installation is messy This is not very encouraging especially for a beginnerI did not expect to find a discussion of JSPs in the book The authors suggest that it is important to understand the JSP code samples in the rest of the book but there are almost none The Preface claims that this is the second edition of a book on Tomcat 4 and that the purpose of the book is to provide an introduction to developing with servlets and JSPs but the material is too short to be of any practical use and uite out of place since MVC frameworks and tag libraries have superseded JSP scriptlets in web application developmentChapter 11 actually picks the Spring MVC framework and discusses it in 11 pages Again to me this is too short and pointless You certainly bought a book or read the online documentation on your MVC of choice which is not necessarily Spring and there you found much detail on it and how to integrate it with Tomcat I think the book should have been entirely dedicated to configuring and running Tomcat after all this is what I expect from a book entitled Apache Tomcat 7

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    A middling discussion of how to configure and use Tomcat 7 At first I was pleased to see that unlike for example Professional Apache Tomcat 6 which is 629 pages long this one comes in at a lean 296 Unfortunately I learned there's a reason for thisAs an introduction for someone new to Tomcat the book is serviceable It deals with configuring and managing Tomcat writing Servlets and JSPs session management security valves and servlet filters logging and it even has chapters on how to integrate Apache with Tomcat how to integrate Spring and how to configure JNDI in TomcatThe problem is that none of these issues are discussed in any great depth Ideally such a book should provide a detailed explanation for how Tomcat works and why it works this way while pointing to the official documentation where the minute details are concerned What we get here is of an overview discussion while the user is left on his own if he wants detailed information For instance the AJP connector is discussed in no great detail There's no discussion of how class loading works in Tomcat something that many users and admins will need to know Virtual hosting is discussed only briefly and the NIO connector and asynchronous IO support are discussed not at allApart from that the book is riddled with typos errors in the code listings various grammatical mishaps and outright errors It repeatedly mentions the metadata complete element when this is in fact an attribute of the parent web app element and it implies that Apache web server modules on windows have thedll extension when in fact the Windows version of httpd can load eitherdll orso filesThis book is adeuate as an introduction to Tomcat as long as the reader is willing to do some legwork test the book's claims and consult the official documentation It is lacking as a reference The above mentioned Professional Apache Tomcat 6 though dealing with Tomcat 6 rather than 7 is probably a better choice especially if one pairs it with the official documentation

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Apache Tomcat 7

Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ Aleksa Vukotic

Apache Tomcat is the most popular open source de facto Java Web application server standard for today's Web developers using JSPServlets Apache Tomcat 7 covers details on installation and administration of Apache Tomcat 7 It explains key parts of the Tomcat architecture and provides an introduction.

Summary Apache Tomcat 7

Ver in Java applicationsFinally through a practical primer it shows how to integrate and use some of the most popular Java technologies with Apache Tomcat In summary Apache Tomcat 7 offers both novice and intermediate Apache Tomcat users a practical and comprehensive guide to this powerful software.

Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free æ Aleksa Vukotic

To Java Servlet and JSP APIs in the context of the Apache Tomcat server In addition to basic concepts and administration tasks Apache Tomcat 7 covers some of the most freuently used advanced features of Tomcat including security Apache web server integration load balancing and embedding Tomcat ser.

  • Paperback
  • 296
  • Apache Tomcat 7
  • Aleksa Vukotic
  • English
  • 14 August 2017
  • 9781430237235