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    Can we have a serious review please Stu? No no you can'tWhat I learnt from this novel Robin Hood was actually a cyborg that explains the tights It was cold in 1192 I know this as I read it 8 times over 4 pages Women were referred to as 'strumpets' I knew this though but made me chuckle The author is terrible at French About the Voynich manuscriptThis is the third book in Alex Scarrow's Timeriders and one to be forgotten in my opinion As we know Liam Sal and Maddy were snapped from the jaws of death with seconds to spare How you may ask? Obviously through the use of a time machine Cutting through all the chaff here they find themselves working for the ready? THE AGENCY shudders This time around they find themselves in olden times once again 1192AD to be precise The time of bow and arrows swords and wenches being brought for half a copper I'm only guessing it was half a cooperWelcome to England Nottingham getting a idea what the setting is? Robin Hood the man the myth some say legend some say thieving bastard Prince John is left sitting on the throne while his big brother and King Richard I is playing Crusader According to this version of history Richard set off for this crusade by bankrupting his realm improvishing the people and to claim something long forgotten A key of sorts The Grail Pandora's Box whichever you wish to call it Previous to that a complete random discovers a manuscript which he alone is able to decipher ue drum roll Bob and Becks are bio mechanical beings that THE AGENCY vat grow to protect there operatives that being Liam O'Connor These 'clones' remind me of the Terminator Which is no bad thing in my book It's rather amusing to see how they play out on the page They secretly want to be 'human' I know the irony Hells going to break loss at some point and the machines are going to take over the world So what's my problem with this book? Well it was such a blur I have difficulty in getting to grips with the four paged chapters The story is really just too fast paced for my liking Rein it in a bit Alex you're not giving the reader time to digest what your writing If I was nip picking though some would find it a issue the writer keeps telling the reader how COLD England is during winter I've also previously mentioned how Maddy is well irritating She is like a itch you can't reach or that fly buzzing about which you can't suish mainly because you don't know Kung Fu At times I felt like grabbing some tomato sauce and eating the book so to stop the teeth grinding that was apparently coming from me when Maddy had one of her whiny rants OMG It's all too much I can't take it anyI'm in charge you do what I sayWhy did they put me in charge I've no clue what I'm doingsueezes tomato sauce everywhereBetter just hiding those lines I'm getting tired of reading As a writer I'd hope you'd have a clear definition or idea of how you want to portray you're characters Maddy comes across as a schizophrenic whiny annoying brat when she isn't meant to In the TV series Homeland the character played by Claire Danes is meant to be a schizophrenic Maddy is not Get on it There I've said my pieceFirstly I just want to point out I never used tomato sauce on this book There have been times when I've wanted to eat a book mainly academic ones but a 1000 page tome is a meal for a week and a mouthful Besides ruins your teeth You may ask why I keep reading the series Well I've brought the first 8 books so want to finish them over time There are good points about the book The role reversal of personas that Prince John and Richard The I play is refreshing John isn't the usual evil git we've come to know He is a victim of his brothers greed and bloodthirsty lustre Richard on the other hand is a nasty bugger and has no ualms about beheading 3000 Muslims during his sacking of Acre this actually happened or doing the same to the peasants of Nottingham who eventually stand up to him It's a good read for a alternative history If you're a stickler for authenticity then don't read this series I however will stick with it as I'm a positive guy so will hold out in hope that the series will improve If not there's always the ketchup nomnomnom Happy eating ehem I mean reading

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    Well I'm officially hooked After the first two books I might well have ventured away from this series and left it unfinished However I decided to give the third book a try and I'm glad I did This book has turned my ambivalence to true devotion This series just keeps getting better and better and now I'm so invested in these characters that I must complete the entire series As with the Time Hunters series by Carl Ash which is also among my favorites I love how the author gives us an alternate explanation of a popular pseudo historical event which in this case is the legend of Robin Hood Could this have been the story behind the legend? Probably not but it's still fun to imagine that it could have happened this way instead of the glorified and sanitized version presented by Disney The other thing I love about this author is that his book are so engaging and easy to read with plenty of page turning action I can't wait to see what else Scarrow has in store for Liam Maddy and Sal

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    ReviewThis is the third book in what is uickly becoming the hit Timeriders series never a fan of young Adult fiction but always an admitted fan of Alex Scarrows work i approached the first book in two minds would i feel obligated to like it would it be too fluffy for an adult would the language talk down to kids etcThere was never that problem with the first book the second or this fantastic third in the series so farEach book in the series truly gets better than the last the plot lines cleverer the characters depth and the emotional connection with the reader strongerI as an adult love these books I have bought them for my son my nephews and my god children all of whom love the series and i will probably put a set away for my granddaughter for when she is old enoughThese books are for me a set of books with a story that can be read and reread with characters any age can relate to The best part of this series is that there is so much potential it could run and run forever when you mess with time you can mess with history and the results truly fun I for one would be uite happy to see this series run forever with its current uality ParmBook DescriptionFrom back of BookLiam O'Connor should have died at sea in 1912 Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010 Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026 But all three have been given a second chance to work for an agency that no one knows exists Its purpose to prevent time travel destroying history In 1993 British computer hacker Adam Lewis finds his name in a coded manuscript that is almost one thousand years old How did Adam's name get in there and why? Confronted by Adam in 2001 the TimeRiders travel back to Sherwood Forest in 1193 to discover the origins of the ancient message But when a strange hooded man appears interested in the same thing they begin to wonder what terrible threat this cryptic link from the past holds for the future

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    Truly enjoying the Time Riders series by Alex Scarrow It reminds me of the TV show The Librarians and although less edgy and dark 12 MonkeysThe Doomsday Code has the team from The Agency tracking down the Holy Grail and an ancient manuscript The coded message contained on the scroll is prophetic The earth is bound for destruction When a doorway appears those in that time period want to know what is on the other side The answer is in the Holy GrailAnd everyone wants itIncluding a hooded figure who lurks in Sherwood Forest in 1194 King Richard His brother John and The HoodThese might be considered YA novels but there is nothing childish in the telling Like time travel stories? Action? Adventure? History? Man then you gotta try sinking your teeth into Scarrow's seriesPhillip TomassoAuthor of Absolute Zero and Damn the Dead

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    I hate it when a chronicle book series is too damn good I have to wait too damn long for the next one So far each book has been even better than the lastThe time travel elements are even ambitious this time around Well it was ambitious in the first two books but even so here I don't think I got my head round all the intricacies of it In all honesty I suspect there are plenty of loop holes but the narrative is so engrossing I don't really mind and just accepting the rules the book throws at me The characters are superbly defined with some bitter sweet moments including the artificial ones for which the author cleverly and entertainingly takes us into their thought process This time around we get a fascinating snapshot of the days of 12th century England and alternate time waves to boot My history isnt great so I don't know how accurate the historical aspects of this are but there are some surprising twists to certain historical figures depicted in other books and films It matters not whether the event and motivations were true however as its credit to the book to infuse that curiosity in the first placeOnce again this is than just a young adults fiction This is a clever thrilling fast paced and extremely entertaining popcorn fiction for all ages 14 upwards Bring on book 4 please Seriously when the heck is that coming out??

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    Great story I especially like Scarrow's take on their history of Robin Hood and the possible alternative versions are very fascinating All the characters are very well worked out I wonder what will happen to Adam maybe we will see him again some time? Looking forward to the fourth part of the series Hopefully that will answer some of the remaining uestions in the book

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    I am loving this series so far and can’t wait to see what the next few books have in store for the TimeRiders These books are really eye opening and teach the readers a lot about science and history I’m particularly looking forward to the next book in the series book 4 because this one ended on a cliffhanger and I want to read on to find out if that is resolved or figured out in the upcoming books I would definitely recommend this series to everyone especially to people who like action and adventure and are interested in time travel

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    Another brilliant installment in the Time Riders series this time immersing us in the world of King Richard Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham

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    I 3 THIS SERIESyes it is getting a little repetitive but I 3 reading about how history is altered and what the conseuences of it would beNOW let me get to the real review Dwe've all heard of Robin hood and admired him but we keep forgetting that he is a myth and it is possible that he did not do all he was said to have done and this book explores that fact and what would have happened if king john had been killed liam is becoming a strong and wise young man and becks and bob provide a lot of laughs in very difficult circumstances sal on the other hand is becoming a side character and sometimesyou forget that she's actually therewhich i find a little dissapointing maddy is becoming a leader and is finally given the importance that is due to her in this novelaccording to me adam lewis on the other hand is a welcome additionHe makes this story uniue in his own way

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    This was so good It wasn't at all like the others and by that I mean that in TimeRiders and the Day of the Predator they could never get Liam and BobBecks back but in this they could always get back and there were no major time waves that threatened to kill Maddy and Sal and in this case Adam as well I loved the scenes between John and Becks or Lady Rebecca and always smiled when reading them and I also didn't find Locke as evil as I should've I fell into liking him and got a bit sad when he was killed It's the same with Adam when he decided to go work after leaving the TimeRiders I kept on thinking 'Don't go Don't go' But he did and I cried inside ; Overall it was an amazing book and I would give it 5 star but I'm being uite harsh when rating Definetley read

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To prevent time travel destroying historyIn 1993 British computer hacker Adam Lewis finds his name in a coded manuscript that is almost one thousand years old How did Adam’s name get in there and whyConfronted by Adam in 2001 the TimeRiders tr. Great story I especially like Scarrow's take on their history of Robin

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Liam O’Connor should have died at sea in 1912Maddy Carter should have died on a plane in 2010Sal Vikram should have died in a fire in 2026But all three have been given a second chance to work for an agency that no one knows exists Its purpose. ReviewThis is the third book in what is uickly becoming the hit Timerid 2 uickly becoming the hit Timerid

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Avel back to Sherwood Forest in 1193 to discover the origins of the ancient message But when a strange hooded man appears interested in the same thing they begin to wonder what terrible threat this cryptic link from the past holds for the future. Another brilliant installment in the Time Riders series this time immer