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    Absolute rating 275 28 Aliens Recent Encounters is a decent collection of stories most dealing with the conseuences of encounters between humans and aliens duh I picked it off the new book shelf at one of my libraries because I saw that it contained works from some of my favorites Ursula K Le Guin Caitlín R Kiernan Alastair Reynolds and from some whose work I've read before and liked Nisi Shawl Paul McAuley Nancy Kress Greg Van EekhoutAs it turned out only Kress' story made it on to the list of stand outs UKL and Kiernan were not on their A games with Seasons of the Ansarac and I Am the Abyss I Am the Light respectively but even their B games are better than most other's best efforts Eekhout wrote one of my favorite short stories Wolves Till the World Goes Down which I made my English students read in the Mythology unit when I was teaching but I haven't been impressed by anything I've read of his since And Native Aliens was no exception being a pedestrian effort about colonialism and the children of colonizer nativeThe gems in this collection were IMOThe Tetrahedron Vandana Singh It seems every SF author has to write their enigmatic object that appears suddenly one day story Norman Spinrad did it in 1964 with Rules of the Road Singh's version is one of the better efforts in this subgenreKnapsack Poems Eleanor Arnason This is one of the few stories with no human characters and follows the wanderings of a group entity alien similar to those in Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the DeepGitte Christensen's Nullipara is a parable about a daughter and her father their relationship after the world they've colonized radically changes one of them As I write this it occurs to me that a similar parent child dynamic is played out in muo ka's Child by Indrapramit Das though her take is optimistic sort ofMy Mother Dancing by Nancy Kress is about recognizing life and the obstacle of human prejudicesI hadn't planned on including Genevieve Valentine's Carthago Delenda Est but the I consider it the I'm coming around to thinking this might be the best of the lot A rather bleak meditation on the intractably self destructive nature of humansNot a full throated recommendation but you could do worse

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    I wasn't so sure about getting this antho because well it's not exactly that sci fi's not my thing there's a lot of sci fi out there that I've loved but I'm not typically excited about it like I am about fantasy you know? But I knew Alex's tastes and my tastes have significant crossover area and THEN I saw the authors on the TOC and I was pretty much soldOmg y'all this antho is amazing This is everything I forgot I loved about sci fi the sense of deep wonderterrorawe and the pushing of the boundaries of perception and possibility the longing to know what's out there? and getting an answer you completely didn't expect And inclusivity? AND HOWSome notes on stories I thought were highlights to be added later

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    IMPORTANT NOTE The first edition of this book ISBN 9781607013914 at least is missing the second half of Seasons of the Ansarac by Ursula Le Guin You can read the missing part of this story here — realistically developed biologically plausible sentient species — are my absolute favourite element of science fiction My dream anthology would be a hard SF only collection of stories about aliens their biology culture and interactions with humans Aliens Recent Encounters 2013 edited by Alex Dally MacFarlane mixes both hard and soft SF with a smattering of magical realism and mythology so not every story was to my taste However it is still an excellent anthology thematically strong while providing lots of varietyThis is a reprint anthology containing 32 short stories all originally published between 2000 and 2012 hence the book's subtitle The editor has done a good job of representing a number of nationalities with her author choices and the gender balance is good too with 21 stories by women 10 by men and one neutrois neutral gendered author There are a few really big names ie all the ones on the front cover but a whole bunch of relative unknowns as wellThe selection of stories is mostly exceptional These stories provide a huge number of approaches to the idea of humans interacting with aliens and every couple of stories there'd be another great idea that blew my mind Some of the most noteworthy inclusions for me were• The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species by Ken Liu A short piece in the form of a few explanatory passages about how different alien species store information Solid with ideas my only complaint is that Liu didn't think up another ten species to flesh this story out with The final story in this collection A Vector Alphabet of Interstellar Travel by Yoon Ha Lee is almost exactly the same idea in the same format but about various ways and reasons for travelling rather than storing information It's just as good and it also could have been longer• Golubash or Wine Blood War Elegy by Catherynne M Valente A history of war and planetary colonisation told through a wine tasting session The wines themselves are alien despite being made from Earth grapes and you'll find out why Sounds delicious though• Seasons of the Ansarac by Ursula K Le Guin A brilliant piece from this master of anthropological SF about an alien culture whose life cycle has evolved around its mass migrations and the fragility of the culture when it comes into contact with other races Touching and bittersweet I went and ordered her collection Changing Planes as soon as I finished this story• Carthago Delenda Est by Genevieve Valentine At first I didn't get the ending but when I dug back through this layered complex story I realised how clever it is Humanity is just one of many species forced to put war aside and coexist in the prolonged wait for an unprecedented galactic event The story focuses on the turmoil and rivalry between the leaders of several factions many of whom are clones• The Beekeeper by Jamie Barras In a universe where technology including spaceships is grown a scientific team returns to a world that had been previously seeded with a garden to grow such things as well as homunculi to tend the garden Of course the team runs into danger This story had a killer twist that had me grinning as I read the final pages then immediately go look Barras up online to find out what else he'd written• Noumenon by Robert Reed An episode set in Reed's Great Ship universe Marrow et al this story has me wanting to read the novels and other stories in that setting Reed seems to like playing with the concept of worlds within worlds and he brings a technological twist to that idea in this story Keep on going through the seemingly unrelated sections about an alien creature it all ties together in the end• Honey Bear by Sofia Samatar What starts off as a simple enough story about family strife turns creepy and weird when you figure out what's going on A very dark story which explores ways our lives might be forced to change when aliens take over earth It incorporates some elements from faerie mythology but don't expect Tinkerbell There are a couple of other great similarly unsettling stories about cooperation between humans and aliens in this anthology muo ka's Child by Indrapramit Das and Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck• Knacksack Poems by Eleanor Arnason No humans at all in this story Just an excellent fable like recount of a poet's adventures in a somewhat medieval setting The SF twist? These creatures are much like the Tines in Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep in that they are composed of multiple organisms and share a group mind This story was funny and engrossing• My Mother Dancing by Nancy Kress This story is set in a far future when Fermi and his famous paradox about the lack of alien life in the universe is now the basis of a religion It tells of the interactions between human missionaries spreading eukaryotic life throughout the universe and some of their creations who have a uniue problem that might be too much for the humans to comprehendThere are a number of other stories I really liked the majority of the remaining 20 but I won't describe every single story in this review There are though some stories I wasn't greatly enthused aboutSadly one of them was the contribution by Alastair Reynolds Reynolds is one of my very favourite SF authors but I felt that his story in this anthology For the Ages was rather lacklustre He has other short stories that are far suited to the alien theme considering that this story doesn't even feature aliens directly but rather tackles the idea of how to send a message to hypothetical aliens in the futureI also wasn't captivated by Caitlín R Kiernan's I am the Abyss I am the Light which includes a lot of alien biology but whose main character isn't very sympathetic in wanting to eschew her humanity; nor did The Forgotten Ones by Karin Lowachee interest me as it seemed to be rather heavy handedly trying to Say Something Important about the effects of colonialism Shallot by Samantha Henderson and Test of Fire by Pervin Saket both relied pretty heavily on allusions of the literary and mythological variety respectively so maybe it's my fault for not really understanding them but I didn't get much out of them eitherThe story that made me roll my eyes and go so what? the most was Honorary Earthling by Nisi Shawl Oh yes I'm sure it's a very important story about race in America and yada yada yada but the postmodern style incorporating transcripts articles blog posts and one sided conversations did absolutely nothing for me and I struggled to find any kind of science fiction aspect to the story at all It seemed to be much about ghosts although there was a throwaway line about aliens but that just wasn't enough to warrant its inclusion in this collection in my opinionThose few less than great stories aside there is so much here that is worth the anthology's price For any fan of aliens in science fiction you can't go wrong

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    Pretty excellent anthology Interesting premises with a variety of styles and approaches A much higher hit rate for good stories than I'm used to expecting in a collected anthology which was a pretty nice surprise As wicked as the editor is I wasn't sure how much our taste in stories would matchPersonal favourites in the collection includeThe Bookmaking Habits of Select Species by Ken LuiThe Tetrahedon by Vandana SinghKnapsack Poems by Eleanor ArnasonNullipara by Gitte ChristensenJagannath by Karin TidbeckA Vector Alphabet of Interstellar Travel by Yoon Ha LeeBUT THERE ARE MANY MANY OTHER AWESOME ONES

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    And another collection of sci fi shorts has hit the market Thirty two in total with many having appeared in different collections There must be some free to use short story website out there where these editors put their collections together from A uick glance at the average online review had my hopes up but after reading I put this collection as one of the worst so far With an average rating of only 3 stars per story and five that I had to rate at 1 star there is not much reason for anyone to pick up this book I had my favorites GOLUBASH OR WINE BLOOD WAR ELEGY by Catherynne M Valente at the top of the list and NOUMENON by Robert Ree running second Here's a uick breakdown on them allFROZEN VOICE by An Owomoyela The Earth gets conuered by giant spiders that keep the humans as pets Books are taboo Not much else to the story 3 starsTHE BOOKMAKING HABITS OF SELECT SPECIES by Ken Liu More like an encyclopedia posting than a story In fact there is no story 1 starGOLUBASH OR WINE BLOOD WAR ELEGY by Catherynne M Valente I've read this one before Still a favorite Uniue method of telling a tale of galactic war where wine is the number one contraband 5 starsTHE FOUR GENERATIONS OF CHANG E by Zen Cho A girl goes through numerous physical and mental changes to become a moon person 2 starsTHE TETRAHEDON by Vandana Singh A tetrahedon appears out of nowhere in the middle of New Dehli Intrigue a young girl named Maya is constantly drawn to the thing while her own life and relationships spiral out of control 4 starsTHE MAN by Paul McAuley A woman living alone on a foreign planet where huge ruined machines lay everywhere is visited by a man Is he human or something else? 5 starsSEASONS OF THE ANSARAC by Ursula K Le Guin A human on vacation visits a world where the people are birdlike and their lives are migration driven 3 starsLAMBING SEASON by Molly Gloss Second story I have seen before Are there really that few good sci fi shorts out there? Especially as this one bored me once with the alien dog looking creature's constant visits to sniff the ground then crash on his last without explanation 2 starsCELADON by Desirina Boskovich The implications of xenocide when colonizing new worlds Lacked drama 3 starsCARTHAGO DELENDA EST by Genevieve Valentine And another I've seen before A better grasp of the story third time around but still lacking depth Waiting forever for an altruistic alien means no war while the wait is on 3 starsI AM THE ABYSS AND I AM THE LIGHT by Caitlin R Kiernan A human going through with a merger physically and mentally with an alien Lack of details made this boring 2 starsTHE BEEKEEPER by Jamie Barras Humans land in this crater where humanoid life evolves from some seeding program It felt like part of a novel 3 starsNOUMENON by Robert Reed Not for the science theory challenged which is why I loved it A host of theories are explored in this short 5 starsTHE DEATH OF TERRESTRIAL RADIO by Elizabeth Bear The boring life of a SETI scientist is boring 2 starsHONEY BEAR by Sofia Samatar Okay I like stories to make some semblance of being understandable Tall aliens won't harm families with vampire babies Seriously? 1 starTHE FORGOTTEN ONES by Karin Lowachee A human colony long forgotten on an alien world at war Nicely done 5 starsTHE GODFALL'S CHEMSONG by Jeremiah Tolbert Suid people with a hint of biogenetic engineering to be there 4 starsFOR THE AGES by Alastair Reynolds How does mankind tell the future universe about all that was? Carve into onto a neutron star 5 starsSUN DOGS by Brooke Bolander Cruel experiments on a dog lead to a transcendence Could have used a few details 2 starsHONORARY EARTHLING by Nisi Shawl Not sure if this is science fiction or a political rant against racism 1 starSHALLOT by Samantha Henderson A horror story with a hint of sci fi You need to guess the antagonist is an alien If it were not in this book titled Aliens Recent Encounters I would never have guessed 2 starsTHE BOY WHO LEARNED HOW TO SHUDDER by Sonya Taaffe Nothing disappoints me than awriter trying to prove her command of the English language by writing in such florid ways you can't understand what is going on 1 starKNACKSACK POEMS by Eleanor Arnason A uniue alien life form with many bodies and minds A very enjoyable story that normally would earn five stars Only problem no alien encounter 4 starsNULLIPARA by Gitte Christensen When a planet changes your children to aliens how do you cope? 5 starsMUO KA'S CHILD by Indrapamit Das A human crash victim adopted by an alien mother 3 starsTHE DISMANTLED INVENTION OF FATE by Jeffrey Ford Convoluted the story of a spacer and his alien wife takes many twists and turns 5 starsJAGANNATH by Karin Tidbeck A uniue alien with a symbiosis relationship to humans 5 starsTEST OF FIRE by Pervin Saket Alien gives up on delivering important message to mankind 3 starsMY MOTHER DANCING by Nancy Kress One segment of mankind visiting another when years and biological changes make them different 3 starsNATIVE ALIENS by Greg Van Eekhout A parallel examination between 1945 and 2367 examining reaction to alien settling 4 starsCOVENANT by Lavie Tidhar Ancient civilizations where did they go? Odd symbiosis aspect to this one 4 starsA VECTOR ALPHABET OF INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL by Yoon Ha Lee Sorry Nothing to this 1 star

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    Now this is like it Recently I read an anthology Alien Contact and found myself somewhat disappointed while there were a couple good stories not only were a lot of the contacts not first contacts but also many of the aliens seemed to either go to extremes of even if ridiculous things happen that's just because aliens are completely incomprehensible so why bother trying to humans in funny suits with a few cultural differences I found it hard to understand how an anthology pulling the best first contact stories from all of SF history could wind up so uninspiring But I still had that itch that needed to be scratched stories of the alien but with a sense that there was a real something behind them something that may be hard for the the human mind to grasp but not impossible to at least approach So I tried again with Aliens Recent Encounters The Recent is because these stories were all pulled from the year 2000 or later which should make it less likely to get great stories but somehow the opposite happenedI didn't like every story in it of course including oddly enough the one story that both anthologies shared And a few stretched the definitions of alien and encounter in one the alien interaction seemed to consist solely of hypothetical aliens who might one day find a record left behind for them But on the whole I liked them a lot and even many of the ones I couldn't get into I could easily see other enjoying a lot than IMy favorites of the collection were Honey Bear by Sofia Samatar The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species by Ken Liu The Tetrahedron by Vandana Singh The Beekeeper by Jamie Barrass My Mother Dancing by Nancy Kress and The Godfall's Chemsong by Jeremiah Tolbert though many of the ones I didn't list also were uite enjoyable in one way or another giving an intriguing look at an alien life cycle and culture or telling an important emotional story or both Only a few were a chore to get through for meMost importantly it successfully scratched that particular itch for stories of the alien for a while at least

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    I think it’s unfair to hold a book accountable to your expectations So in reading this book I tried to adjust my expectations What I had expected was a collection of imaginative short stories about human encounters with alien life — something I think is incredibly interesting both for its straight forward speculations about what alien life might be like and for the reflections it affords about ourselvesIt’s not really that bookThere are 32 stories collected here some from well known authors like Ursula Le Guin Elizabeth Bear or Alastair Reynolds and others from less known authors The uality is a bit uneven There are some really great stories here — I think Jeffrey Ford’s The Dismantled Invention of Fate is brilliant Its gentle attack on the flow of time and realism is ingenious something that will have me thinking for a long while And Greg Van Eekhout’s Native Aliens may not be as philosophically probing but it is eually effective in its alternating stories of earthly colonization and rebellion with unearthly exploration colonization adaptation and its resolution Those stories were as good as it gets while some others were forgettable coming and going uicklyFor the most part the stories tend toward fantasy than hard science fiction Some like Jeremiah Tolbert’s The Godfall’s Chemsong drop you into the middle of an alien “culture” The best stories and Tolbert’s is probably one of them are able to both divulge the aliens’ worlds and ways of life and play out a poignant story at the same time When they don’t work well by the time you’ve found your way around you’re done out and on to the next story Most of the stories are less than 20 pages typically on the order of 10 to 12 pagesIt’s probably inappropriate to complain about disorientation — these are stories of alien life after all If anything I suspect alien life would be far disorienting far less understandable than the stories or the great great majority of science fiction stories present itOn the whole I enjoyed the book granting the ups and downs with the stories Not at the top of my list but certainly not at the bottom of my list of recommendations

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    This is a collection of 31 short stories I read the first one in the summer of 2015 and finished in December 2018 with Alastair Reynolds For The AgesI enjoyed the selection Lots of new writers at least for me These were my favorite storiesVandana Singh The Tetrahedon July 18 2017Paul McAuley The Man July 18 2017Jamie Barras The Beekeeper July 27 2015Elizabeth Bear The Death Of Terrestrial Radio Aug 11 2015Jeremiah Tolbert The Godfall's Chemsong Aug 23 2017Eleanor Arnason Knacksack Poems Dec 15 2018Indrapramit Das Muo Ka's Child July 19 2017The last two were probably my very favorite

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