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    I loved this story What can you ask for but a Highland Laird dispossessed of his land owned by his family for 500 years I hope like me you are reading this with a strong Scottish brogueThe new owner is Cornelia McColl An American by gosh and a tennis player at that Alastair canna be staying and watching the wee lass lording over the Glen and all his people And of course marrying her would be the last thing a man of his pride would consider even to hold onto what is rightfully hisThis is a lovely story a little out of the ordinary and giving a glimpse of a world long gone First published in 1955 the hero is still suffering from a war wound that includes shrapnel embedded near his spineIt was lovely to see the two learn from each other and grow through the book and come to understand that love triumphs over pride and winning isn't always everything

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Island for Sale

Alex Stuart Ì 2 Characters

Be no better solution to his problems than marriage to Cornelia but Alastair was a damant Nothing would induce him to marry her not even lov

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It madeno difference to him that the buyer turned out to be Cornelia McColl the beautiful young American heiress His friends said there could

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The last woman on earth he'd marry When Alastair MacCrae was forced to sell Carra the island that had been his family's home for generations

About the Author: Alex Stuart

Violet Vivian Finlay was born on 2 January 1914 in Berkshire England UK the daughter of Alice Kathleen née Norton and Sir Campbell Kirkman Finlay Her father was the owner and director of Burmah Oil Company Ltd whose Scottish family also owned James Finlay and Company Ltd The majority of her childhood and youth was spent in Rangoon Burma now also known as Myanmar where her father worke