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Borderline Personality Disorder

Alexander L. Chapman ☆ 4 review

S easy to read book offers an introduction to BPD for those who have recently been diagnosed outlines the most common complications of t. this basically comes down to the fact that i’m not the target audience i don’t have bpd but someone i know does so this was me trying to get to understand that diagnosis better probably helpful for a person newly diagnosed but i can’t help that it felt really repetitive with only 135 pages i also found myself skipping sections cause it didn’t really pertain to me

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Two experts on borderline personality disorder BPD present the fifth book in the New Harbinger Guides for the Newly Diagnosed Series Thi. Overall the book isn't bad However because I'm already a nurse and have worked with psych patients I already knew most of the information in the book It was a good refresher but it was obviously written for someone who is newly diagnosed with BPD But even for someone who is newly diagnosed I still thought it was too basicThe style of the book overall was good It describes what BPD is it describes various treatments that include talk therapy and medication therapy I did like that it was recommended that talk therapy be included if one is also in medication therapy In my opinion it's crucial for every patient with a mental health disorder receiving mediation therapy to seek talk therapySome of the things I would have liked to be included in the book was description of the different medications Almost to the degree that they different types of talk therapy were described Not to the degree of a drug guide perhaps but just a bit detail of each one instead I would have like description of the symptoms information about onset of symptoms and when would be a good time for someone to seek help I would have like case study examples where the patients are NOT self harming or suicidal as well As it is one symptom of nine and one needs to have five of the nine there must be many case studies available where patients don't have this symptom at allI received a copy of this book from NetGalley in return for a honest review One other thing I will include in the notes to the publisher and author which I think people should know in advance is that this book comes in PDF form and not an ePub form I personally read everything on my iPhone where PDF books are difficult to read even after increasing the font One still has to increase the size of the page with every page turn which slows down the reading process I was able to convert the PDF to an ePub file However the file converted to a badly formatted ePub book It might be good if NetGalley actually increased the options for the readers or of NetGalley made it so all books are in ePub form for non Kindle usersI give it three of five stars For me three stars signifies a rating of Good

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He illness and the most effective treatments available and provides readers with practical strategies for staying on the path to recover. In the eyes of the world Borderline Personality Disorder simply euals cray ZEE Of course just like the autism spectrum it has many levels going from the mild to the severe That said this book offers very useful advice for the newly diagnosed It's the soothing voice and helping hand that the overemotional train wreck that BPD sufferers cry out for Step by step this book offers the gateway to a level and sane existence Sit with your diagnosis; don't do anything immediately Research on the internet and seek out good and reliable information from government gov or websites or those with org' suffixes Dotcoms com are going to want to sell you something so avoid those Eventually find supportA chapter giving a definition of this personality disorder is followed by another discussing myth and stigmas surrounding the disorder Movies like Fatal Attraction certainly played a part in the serious stigma connected with BPD Glenn Close yielding that knife in the air is not your typical afflicted Most do their suffering in isolation and if anything they take their turbulence out on themselves rather other people Some case studies are included too and I always find them very interesting How does BPD manifest itself in other people Not everybody has been thrown into a rubber room or been heavily medicated Two full chapters discuss the various treatments available and also how to find the treatment that's a good fit for you or your family member Borderline Personality inevitably takes its toll on friends and family so there's a chapter dedicated to that It's one roller coaster ride for sure and the next traumadramameltdown is always looming up ahead The final two chapters deal with coping and developing a healthy lifestyle Dialectical Behavior Therapy and mindfulness are often suggested as effective ways to cope with the surge of overwhelming emotions Certainly a useful straightforward and very concisely written guide for patients and their parents

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