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Three exclusive stories from three amazing Darkest Minds characters Liam Vida and ClancyLiam and Cole have the kind of bond only brothers share But the League demands a lot from its members and even the closest bonds can be broken Vida has been on the run a long time So when she and her si. This is the second novella in The Darkest Minds series At just 49 pages it is the shortest installment and it is also my favouriteThis follows one of the trilogy's main character's Liam Stewert and takes place directly after the close of the first book I won't go into the events that occurred there but I will say that they were pretty harrowing Liam is dejected and alone still fleeing from his persecutors and searching for his familyThe rest of the series has a fast tempo is action orientated and leaves little time for character study This short story is exactly the opposite This is a uiet and distressing read that highlights the horror of what has been inflicted upon the characters in the first book There is still however and in true Bracken style full of unprecedented and unsettling twists to the narrativeWhilst not exactly adding any further understanding to the plot of the main trilogy this was an interesting insight into one of the character's psyches and made my affinity with his plight that much real

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Ster find a place with a crew near Venice Beach it feels like they might finally have a home But Vida's powers are growing and if she can't control them she'll put everything at risk Clancy Gray's mind is a place nobody would dare enter There are secrets hidden there about his past about h. I make a choiceI save myself Liam's Story is a fulfilling read In this short story readers will get a glimpse of what Liam went through after the cliff hanger ending of The Darkest MindsWith this I have seen and understood Liam's character deeper He is a very heart breaking character because his strength as a person is actually his weakness too

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Is motives but in every mind there's a doorway This is the perfect addition to the hit series that's soon to be a major motion picture starring Amandla Stenberg and Mandy Moore Have you read every book The Darkest Minds Never Fade In the Afterlight and Through the Dark are all available no. Just as I was about to start Never Fade I realised that there is still one short story to read A Liam storyThis was a fun read so typical of Liam Now hopefully I'm ready to move on to Never Fade The Drunken Botanist one short story to read A Liam storyThis was a fun read so typical Seduction of a Proper Lady of Liam Now hopefully I'm ready to move The Curtis Reincarnation on to Never Fade

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