summary ä Autofahren heute Verkehrstheorie für Motorfahrzeugführer

Autofahren heute Verkehrstheorie für Motorfahrzeugführer

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Nsibility and contribute to your own road security and that of other traffic partners It is best never to drink alcohol before you get into the driver's seat always adapt the speed of the vehicle to the situation and never use your handy when you are driving In short Be a considerate driver I wish you all the best in preparing for the theory test or in brushing up your driving knowledge Learning for Life is a wonderful expression and when it comes to learning the traffic rules it's the plain truth.

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Alfred Trachsler's Driving today is an excellent choice for preparing for the driving tests It not only explains in detail all the traffic regulations but also helps avoid accidents because regulations increase traffic security and lower the number of accidentsIn 1971 there were 1773 traffic deaths Since then new traffic regulations have been implemented for example wearing seat belts is now obligatory speed limits have been lowered and the legal limit for alcohol in the blood has been reduced to.

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05 mgl The success of these new rules and other traffic safety measures is extraordinary; in 2006 there were only 371 traffic deaths However for every third automobile accident with serious injuries or death the driver was between 18 and 24 years old drivers with little experience You as a new driver can also contribute to traffic safety since the rules themselves are only half of the solution You can only drive safely when you know and comply with the rules I trust that you will accept this respo.

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