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The Riddle Club at Home

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Polly Artie Margy Fred Jess and Ward form a Riddle Club at the suggestion of Polly The children fix up a meeting room in the Larue barn and have meetings once every three weeks At each meeting the members are reuired to tell a riddle and must answer someone else's riddle correctly The children have lots of fun and find themselves the subject of much interest by their classmates especially nosy Carrie Pepper Carrie asks the fr.

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Ir badges are homemade The Riddle Club members don't dare ask their parents for real badges since both the Larues and Marleys are facing a crisis A large shipment of radio sets was lost at the wharf recently and it is unclear whether Mr Larue's steamboat company or Mr Marley's hardware store will have to pay for the missing sets totaling 1000 How the Riddle Club finds a solution to their problem makes for an interesting story.

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Iends endless uestions about the club and continually drops hints about how much she'd like to join Polly the president of the club knows that the club would not function as well if membership were opened to everyone In retaliation Carrie and her friend Mattie Helms form a rival club the Conundrum Club Carrie brags about the special badges that Mattie's father is having made for them The Riddle Club members feel bad since the.

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    Series was written by Josephine Lawrence under a pseudonym Details here

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