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  • 11 June 2019
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Loved Dark Alpha #6

Alisa Woods ð 5 characters

Loved Dark Alpha 6 New Adult Paranormal RomanceShifters live in the shadows of Seattle just under the skin of the alpha male dot com entrepreneurs who are building a new Silicon Valley in the Emerald City The final installment ARC received from authorOh yeahI was right I loved it Jax was amazing and Sarrabear wasn't too far behind Great ending to this serial

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Of Dark AlphaIs love stronger than magic Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them bothLoved Dark Alpha 6 is 60 pages or 15000 words It’s the final of six episodes in the Dark Alpha serial Dark Alpha is the seuel seri Everything comes together in this last instalment of Dark Alpha but not necessarily how we would all expect LOVED picks up from where we left off in Penance book 5 where after rescuing his love Arianna from the grasps of her unwanted alpha Mace Jak is now sacrificing himself for Arianna’s complete riddance of Mace from her blood and for the safety of her and her family’s future With the help of a witch Circe the spell should draw out Mace’s wolf from Arianna’s blood and join Jak’s – where the two will fight it out until Jak’s body can no longer bare it Only Arianna doesn’t know Jak’s planMany uestions are to be asked during the first few pages; will Circe’s spell work and free Arianna from Mace totally or will Mace’s magic bond be forever mixed with her own blood forever Plus will this experience really kill Jak or is there a shred of hopeAs Arianna witnesses and realises Jak’s sacrifice she cannot believe it She can’t bear it – she can’t live now without Jak But is it too late to save him And even if she could how could she save him Arianna is completely overwhelmed with Jak’s love and devotion to her and even towards her family who he doesn’t know But without Jak her escape from Mace is meaningless He rescued her from Mace to begin with she needs him to carry on to give her the love and life she wants to be a part ofAnd then we come back to the uestion ‘Is love stronger than magic Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both‘ Not only do we have to worry about Jak’s welfare here there is also the threat of Mace finding them and what he’ll do to them when he does It was only a matter of time before Mace caught up with them The circumstances were a little surprising and unexpected but make for a fearsome scene that is certainly unpredictable but thoroughly enjoyableThroughout this series I absolutely loved reading a little about Gage Mace’s brother and Jak’s alpha He is aware of Mace’s vicious and dark side but Mace is his brother At the same time he saved Jak from a bad life himself and brought him up like a son This would be a fascinating character to explore and I would love it if Gage showed up in any future work of Alisa’sI can’t wait to see what Alisa Woods has in store for her fans next Her writing is exciting emotional suspenseful and dark You can catch up with both True Alpha and Dark Alpha now available in individual boxed sets or as individual short stories These 5 series are not to be missedA copy of Loved was provided by the author in return for a fair and honest review

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Es to True Alpha the debut shifters in Seattle paranormal romance from Alisa Woods Dark Alpha Release Schedule 20151 Torment 119 2 Pleasure 223 Deception 2164 Escape 325 Penance 3166 Loved 330Box Set Dark Alpha 1 6 releases 330 Jak and Arianna leave us in the last installment just as Circe is finishing casting he spell that will free Arianna of her ties to Mace She does not know that Jak will take Mace's wolf into himself to save her She finds out shortly after this installment begins and she is furiousBut where there is a will there is a way They decide on a different host for Mace's magical blood Sarra Since she has never shifted it might just work and anything she can do to save Jak is worth a tryMarco Arianna's brother and Sarra are plotting but Arianna is too pre occupied by Jak's unconscious form on the ground Now Arianna has no ties to Mace She is so relieved He has no business being an Alpha Jak is finally coming around after Circe casts another spell to get Mace's blood out of him He is not sure why he is still alive But he is happy to be he just hopes Arianna still wants to be his mate and that her family will accept himBut is their fight with Mace over They are not sure so they run over to Sarra's apartment to get a few things so they can get out of town Too bad someone tipped Mace off Circe's sister Hecca is not happy with her and could care less about the wolfsThis is a good ending to the book Good things and bad thing go on but I won't spoil it The characters were very well written and likable The dynamic of the wolf pack was a good one as well Good and bad alpha brothers living together on one compound Fantastic endingI received an ARC for my honest review

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