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Come the target of a relentless stalker She left her Amish community to serve the people of her small hometown not to become someone’s prey. PLAIN OUTSIDER BY ALISON STONEI just love reading Alison Stone's Amish suspense booksIn Pla

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Caught between her Amish past and Englisch futureand in the crosshairs of dangerGrowing up Amish Deputy Becky Spoth never fathomed she’d be. Probably like 4 12 This author is consistently good

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Newcomer Deputy Harrison James is the only one who believes she’s in harm’s way Now her future is in the hands of this handsome stranger. 45 starsPlain awesomeI love this book from its simple beginning to its breathless ending Wh

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    A little different from most books in this line the heroine grew up Amish but left to become a police officer She still lives in the same area and tries to keep a relationship with her younger sister going When another cop loses his temper and almost beats an Amish man to death she stops the beating and testifies against the officer Now she's being shunned by her Amish family and friends and her fellow officers The only one who bothers to support her is another deputy who thinks she deserves better than she's getting The heroine was strong but not invincible and I liked that she sometimes uestioned her decisions as we all do I thought the hero's background was unnecessarily bleak and he never really became real to me The author did a good job not making the heroine dependent on the hero for her safety they worked together And I liked that the romance was downplayed here it worked better than if she'd tried to push them to getting engaged in that short time Overall the story was well done and I'll read non Amish books by her

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    An Amish deputy makes for an interesting heroine Of course Becky isn't Amish nowthat part of her life is over and yet the fall out of her departure from the faith is always close at hand since she's chosen to serve the very community she left Interesting dynamics especially with her family provide a tense undercurrent to this romantic suspenseBecky is all about proving herself so much so that she doesn't appreciate Harrison's support in the beginning That uickly changes as menacing 'pranks' turn even sinister and Becky slowly discovers that Harrison is the only one she can count on Love the dynamics between these two as they spend time together trying to unravel a puzzling string of events that no one else is willing to believe are deliberate threats targeting BeckyPage turning suspense and a slow build romance not to mention a cute rescue dog named Chewie make Plain Outsider the perfect choice for a summer escape read

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    Probably like 4 12 This author is consistently good

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    I loved ❤ the Christian theme in this story I liked Becky's character I was into the storyline but I think this story needed action

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    My review today is one the Love Inspired Suspense Plain Outsider I really enjoy Allison's stories I like Amish stories and I like suspense so her books are a double blessing for me This book is well written action packed and full of faith This is an excellent read and I know your going to love itDeputy Becky Spoth was raised Amish but couldn't embrace the Amish lifestyle She felt called to be a deputy so that she could help people She never dreamed she would be caught up in the mess she now found herself in A fellow officer beat a young Amish man almost to death Becky rushed in and stopped the officer She reported him testified against him and now her fellow police officers were out to get her Not only do her fellow cops bait her now she has a stalker and someone is trying to set her up for the beating After she is attacked one of the officers a newcomer helps herDeputy Harrison James moves to uail Hollow after the death of his brother Guilt was his constant companion He had come to the small town to get his head on straight He didn't want to get involved in any interoffice drama but he is drawn to the beautiful deputy as she seems to be in grave danger He will protect her if no one else will stand beside herA journey of two brokenhearted souls drawn together by the grace of God God has a plan for these two a good plan and not for evil God ha a plan for you too A plan for a hope and a future Give Him your heart and watch Him turn your life all around

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    PLAIN OUTSIDER BY ALISON STONEI just love reading Alison Stone's Amish suspense booksIn Plain Outsider we find Becky Spoth who left her Amish community to serve the people of her hometown by becoming a deputy with the local law enforcementWhen Becky breaks up a fight between a fellow deputy and an Amish boy Elijah Lapp she becomes the target of a stalker With the help of a newcomer on the force Deputy Harrison James Becky sets out to clear her name Plain Outsider was a book full of suspense that kept on edge and wanting to finish the books to find who the person was that was stalking Becky and to find out if the budding romance between Harrison James and Becky buds into full bloomI would highly recommend Plain Outsider and while you are at it check out the other great books of Amish suspense written by Alison Stone

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    45 starsPlain awesomeI love this book from its simple beginning to its breathless ending When I picked a random book from my bookshelf a few hours ago I had no idea I would get so caught up in the story The twists and turns kept my eyes glued to the page and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next I really really enjoyed this book My only complaint is that Harrison and Becky's romance wasn't developed uite as much as I'd have preferredThis is the first novel I've read by Alison Stone I hope to read many of her booksRomantic suspense isn't one of my go to genres but right now I feel like grabbing every Love Inspired Suspense book I can find and spending all night reading

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    Amish romantic suspense A different Amish heroine in that she left the Amish to become a police officer Don't like the portrayal of the sheriff's department in general Contrary to public opinion most officers do not tolerate an officer who is overly aggressive So the whole premise of the story is faulty If you can suspend disbelief you can enjoy the story I also thought her family's reaction was overboard Becky was not shunned by the church because she had not been baptized into the faith so there was no reason for her father to shun her

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    This is a first time author for me but I plan to read many by her I really like the characterization of the Amish Alison Stone did a great job of depicting Deputy Becky Spoth's making the decision to leave the Amish and her wrestling with whether she would go back This was a good storyline plot and characters

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    Alison stone is a great Amish writer I loved it I have read everyone of her books Cant wait for the next one Awesome Amish Author

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