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Pants a Walmart and a lot of government jobs None the less if you dig a little deeper you do find that alternative off grid reality Barely five minutes from the downtown core wedged between million dollar houses you find little shacks where people exist without running water and use honey buckets f. Yo I want to move to the Northwest Territory and live in a shack and go to the bathroom in a trash bag Like seriously this book really sold me on the appeal of choosing that experience for oneself I only wish it had extended beyond the first summer there McCreesh and her partner went on to move back stay and have a teeny tiny baby in their ramshackle world How cool A recounting of the experience without too much background or navelgazing about what brought her there what it meant to her the necessity of vanhousesittingshack life being a simplified one and the very real possibility that there was a fair amont of potsmoking going here I mean it's not mentioned but likehow could there not be It's too hippy cool for that to not be involved Anyway comics can do such a great job of sharing uniue and weird experiences and I am grateful and delighted that McCreesh shared hers

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Over the past decade the North or at least the idea of it has slowly made its way back to our consciousness a notion that the North is synonymous with a lawless rugged freedom But at first glance Yellowknife NWT is actually a somewhat disappointing modern capital city There are tall buildings yoga. I uite liked this little graphic novel You get a bit of what Yellowknife is like at least from the viewpoint of one couple and you get to know a bit of the author I breezed through it and was entertained The illustrations were well done too

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Or toilets'When Alison McCreesh moved from uebec to Yellowknife she uickly fell in love with the uirky ways in which it seemed possible to live up North Part travelogue part comic book part love story and part guide to the North and its uirky inhabitants Ramshackle spans her first summer north of 6. Ramshackle is a good description of this book as well as a description of the places the two main characters enjoy inhabiting Life lived simply in the far north is apparently fulfilling This is good to hear This is most likely the closest I will ever get to Yellowknife and I suspect the characterization of the place is close to actuality Perhaps most impressive is the the soccer Mom van the two intrepid travellers purchase for 650 Where it takes them is beyond the wildest expectation

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