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R daydreams clash with reality when she gets a new job and finds he’s her boss Guarded Frenchman Armand Debussey couldn’t be different to ope. Ally Blake creates such compelling characters and paints a vivid picture that transported me into Evie’s world I felt like I was on the train with her A fast paced fun and easy read I could not put this book down and read it in a few hours Highly recommended Men in Kilts paints a vivid The Killing Of Katie Steelstock picture that transported me into Evie’s world I felt like I was on the train with her A fast Birthday paced fun and easy read I could not Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That'll Improve and/or Ruin Everything put this book down and read it in a few hours Highly recommended

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Nhearted Evie His daredevil past has left him in anguish and even if it puts her own heart in jeopardy Evie’s determined to help him change tha. uite disappointing There could've been so much The title isn't right either

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New boss Same heart stopping crushEvery day IT expert Evie rides the commuter train and fantasizes about the handsome guy sitting opposite But he. 4 StarsReview coming soon

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    4 StarsReview coming soon

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    Expert IT coder Evie Croft first saw Armand Debussey on the commuter train She gives fun names to the people she sees on the commuter train Evie named Armand Hot Stuff in the Swanky Suit She has noticed that he exits the train at the same stop she does Little did she know when she first noticed Armand on the train that she would formally meet him during her job interview with Jonathon Montrose of Game Plan Evie lost her previous job and this interview for a job at Game Plan is very important During her interview she discovers Hot Stuff in the Swanky Suit works there and seems to know Jonathon Montrose well Evie gets a contract for a project at Game Plan Oh what She will be working with Armand WowArmand Debussey is doing his friend Jonathon Montrose a favor by working on a special project for him They are old friends who have a long history together Armand would never turn down a call for help from his old friend Having to work with the lovely girl with the crazy beanies who he has noticed on his commuter train ride is straining his resolution to help Jonathon out because this lovely lady attracts him Working with her will be a challengeI found Hired by the Mysterious Millionaire by Ally Blake to be a fascinating read Ally Blake has found a way to have two people very unlikely to become a couple fight their attraction and fail Evie and Armand are two very strong willed characters Their pasts have helped contribute to their stubborn determination to not form romantic relationships This author manages to rope in her characters' resistance and the story of how they get to their HEA is a page turner Love conuers all and does so in a very entertaining way in this book

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    35 Stars Evie winds up working alongside the guy she’s crushed on during her daily train trip Awkwardness flirtation and affection ensuesI am very much a character and romance first sort of reader well and banter too I do love some good banter Ally Blake is an excellent source for good banter but even I will admit this could have used a touch plot andor conflictThat said I still enjoyed it this is one of my favorite authors for a reason I adore her writing voice it’s like she adds a sprinkle of effervescence over everything there’s an abundance of wit and so often I find myself nodding thinking I’ve never seen joy sadness stillness whatever the scenario may be described in uite that way so different from how most others would put it yet capturing it so perfectly I also loved Evie she’s a ball of energy and curiosity and Armand is a grumpy Frenchman in the best way particularly around his would be rival Jamie so while there really is only a wisp of a story here there is cuteness galore with the beanies the croissants and every fizzy interaction between these two utterly likable characters

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    Ally Blake creates such compelling characters and paints a vivid picture that transported me into Evie’s world I felt like I was on the train with her A fast paced fun and easy read I could not put this book down and read it in a few hours Highly recommended

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    an easy uick read perfect to read in waiting room etc

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    uite disappointing There could've been so much The title isn't right either

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    Actual rating 45 starsWhat an amazing story Hired By the Mysterious Millionaire is It's eual parts light and laughter and eual parts dark broody mysteriousness Evie is so bright she shines and Armand oozes French sexinessI was sucked into the book from an ad saying The One About The Train Boyfriend referring to Armand as Hot Stuff and I thought I want to read about Hot Stuff I was so impatient I didn't even wait for release day I went onto the Mills Boon website where I could buy the book directly from them a lot earlier than the official release day And then I started reading it immediately I didn't even give the book a chance to settle in my Kindle I gobbled it upWhat a delightful story Evie was all bright shining stars and light And Armand was so broody I fully expected storm clouds to gather over his headEvie has had a bad run recently She's without a job and about to be without a place to live But she has Hot Stuff to drool over on the train every morning and evening Despite the setbacks she's faced Evie is cautiously optimistic and determined to make a go of city living She's held herself back in the past because she's afraid to turn out like her mother and what she doesn't realise is that she needs to take a chance at life and living To be brave Armand with all his dark unapproachable broodiness challenges her pushes her and makes her leap outside of her comfort zone In him she finds a man who is worth investing in despite his view of himself and the world around himLet me tell you Armand has shot up my list of book boyfriends I'd like to keep to myself I'm selfish and I don't want to share his brand of deliciousness Armand is broody and grumpy to the extreme but with good reason He has been beaten black and blue on the inside He's retreated from life from living from feeling because he feels too responsible to his family to his friends to the people he felt he's failed Armand is pretty hard on himself He doesn't realise he's a selfless heroic man He judges himself too harshly and in doing so the light has leeched out of his life Light that seeps back in the form of Evie With her joie de vivre with her determination with her optimismWatching Evie and Armand fall for each other is like watching a very slow tango The tug and pull of them towards each other and then apart and then together again is breathtaking and beautiful Armand thaws despite himself Evie finds confidence and strength in herself and her worth They bring out them best in themselves and each other when they are togetherAnother fun thing in the book is Ms Blake playing off the cultural differences between the French and the Australians Their view on workplace relationships their view on romance and their of the world in general It was so much fun I loved that to the French Australians are uptightuote “You Australians are too uptight” Armand chided “In France such things are not a concern Lovers are found where they are found In a bar at a party at work The location is merely scenery”uote “It is none of anyone’s business Including Jonathon Yet you are determined we seal our lips?” She nodded vigorously Then her gaze dropped to his lips her wide open face giving him everything he needed to know “Then sealed they are” he said “You Australians so uptight”I loved every minute of this book It made me feel so utterly happy A part of me didn't want it to end while another part of me raced to the ending because I wanted them both to find their happy with each other The ending is sweet poetic and utterly satisfyingThis is my first time reading Ally Blake and I had a bang up time I might need to go check out of her booksSee from Deanna's World

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