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E ton will be sure to close their doors on these disgraced debutantes they determine that unconventional means need to be employed in the husband hunting market Rakehells the beau monde's wickedest members might be the only men willing to overlook a young lady's besmirched reputation But how does one catch a rakeNate Hastings the devil may care Viscount Malverne is the older brother of Sophie’s bes. A scandalous

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A young lady's tarnished reputation might cost her everything in this first book in the Disreputable Debutantes seriesShy bookish Sophie Brightwell is expected to make an advantageous match to improve her family's fortunes However Sophie's plans to make a spectacular debut go horribly awry when she and her three closest friends are expelled from a young ladies' academy for unbecoming conduct Since th. July was a ro

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T friend fellow disgraced debutante Lady Charlotte When a terribly foxed Nate accidentally compromises Sophie Charlotte strikes a wicked bargain in order to avoid a scandal and the parson's mousetrap Nate must help Sophie snare a husband But as Nate fulfills his obligation and begins to instruct the lovely Sophie in the art of luring rakes he soon finds himself battling his own fierce attraction to h. Sophie Bright Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook parson's mousetrap Nate must help Sophie snare a husband But as Nate fulfills his obligation and begins to instruct the lovely Sophie in the art of luring rakes he soon finds himself battling his own fierce attraction to h. Sophie Bright

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    25 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewSophie was sent to a young ladies' academy to hopefully make connections so that she can marry well and save her family from impoverishment While she makes three great friends and they form the Society for Enlightened Young Women they end up getting expelled for breaking some rules Now three years later she may be forced to marry a man she despises to save her family When one of her friend's invites her to London to spend the season with her Sophie jumps at the chanceNathaniel is a man of his day he is a viscount an heir fought in Waterloo and lives a life of gentlemanly leisure However when some of his antics catch his father's attention he is given the ultimatum to grow up or be cut off He doesn't want to marry uite yet but his younger sister's friend is having him thinking thoughts he never has beforeThe first in the Disreputable Debutantes series I enjoyed the friendship between our heroine Sophie and her three friends We are introduced to them at the ladies' academy and how their curiosity and wanting the same knowledge as their male counterparts gets them thrown out and causes severe conseuences for them I liked how the author aligned the juxtaposition of the rather mild actions of Sophie and her friends with the debauched antics of Nate and his friends and the severe conseuences the women faced and the almost complete lack of any for the men This had me feeling for Sophie but even though Nate was a man of his time I struggled with how immature him and friends came off and how childish their bets and pranks were She bit her lip to suppress a small smile It suddenly occurred to her that perhaps the viscount might be a little bit infatuated with her too The friends decide to hone their flirting skills on rakes the excuse of already having a scandalous reputation for being thrown out of the academy as their reason and Sophie's friend caught Nate in Sophie's room due to a drunken mix up and decides to blackmail him to help them in their uest This was all a bit shaky to go along with and neither really pans out as the story goes along I had the same issue with Sophie writing a child's novel and Nate's pain from Waterloo Both were introduced and occasionally revisited but felt like afterthoughts in the story they ended up feeling like “what was the point?” because they didn't add any emotion to the story Well she wouldn’t beg And if Nathaniel Hastings had a change of heart he knew where to find her With the conseuences of Sophie and her friends' actions along with the lifestyle of Nate this did have of a Regency time period feel to it There also felt like a hint of naughtiness just around the corner In the beginning with Nate and his friends there was some threesome talk and just an overall vibe of sexuality However I didn't think it completely compromised the historical mood and I actually thought it gave this a bit of a fresh feel because of for the most part keeping it to of teasing the idea I did struggle with the ending; throughout Sophie and Nate acknowledge the danger of acting on their feelings only to what felt like to me act in a way that wildly went against what felt true to their previously written characters This not fitting into the fabric of the story or characters ruined any romance I was supposed to get out of itOverall I believed in the lust attraction between the two but not sure I felt the depth of emotion Sophie and Nate never spent enough uality time together to build this up for me Sophie's novel writing to try and save her family and Nate's Waterloo pain felt like footnotes than incorporated into the story enough to provide emotion but the covertly contrasting of conseuences for men and women of the time was nicely done The author lined up enough secondary character series baiting teasers that I will find myself picking up the next Disreputable Debutante's story There was some emotional depth missing for this but Nate does read Pride and Prejudice Sophie mentions it is her favorite book because he is missing Sophie and I can always get enjoyment out of a reading hero

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    July was a romance month for me I read romance books last month then I have in years It was worth it though and has moved me to start reading the genre a little often This was a fun book It's about time somebody wrote a story about 'disreputable debutantes' usually in Regency and Victorian era stories the girls are all prim and proper and only the guys are allowed to be rakes It made for a nice change And you know behind drawing room and boarding school doors I bet at least 80% of the other girls were thinking if not doing the same exact things Anyways I will definitely be continuing this series I can't wait to see what the disreputable debutantes get up to nextI received this ARC from Penguin's First to Read program in exchange for an honest review Thank you

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    Amy Rose Bennett’s How to Catch a Wicked Viscount reminds me of just how much fun Regency romance can be at its best The story is expertly crafted with lots of heat and humor I especially liked the strong female friendships in this one and the way the members of the Society for Enlightened Young Women supported each other The male friendships were pretty great too and often hilarious Some scenes had me laughing out loud A great start to a new series

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    Series The Disreputable Debutantes #1Publication Date 82719Number of Pages 352I loved this book for what it didn’t have as much as for what it did have I didn’t have to suffer through page after page of angst and internal navel gazing to get to the romance I did get a lovely romance with wonderful fully developed characters that I came to really like The writing is excellent the pacing is just right and the epilogue is lovely The introduction of characters who will be gracing the pages of future books in the series wasn’t overpowering to the story as is sometimes the case in first books of a series These future characters were introduced naturally and we learned as much about them as we needed to know for this bookSophie Brightwell and three friends – Lady Charlotte Charlie Hastings Arabella Jardine and Olivia de Vere – were expelled from Mrs Rathbone’s Academy for Young Ladies of Good Character and caused a scandal they still hadn’t lived down three years later What was their transgression? They were caught sampling liuor cigars and perusing risué prints – simply because they wanted the knowledge No decent hostess will invite them to any ton events and they are now pariah’s to societyFor Sophie it might have been her family’s last chance at salvation They were deeply in debt to Baron Buxton who lived next door and he was pressuring them for payment If they cannot pay they may have to forfeit their home and land It would also mean that there would be no future at all for Sophie or her step sisters They have hung on in the three years since the scandal but just barely and Sophie’s mother is afraid that the odious baron is pressuring Sophie’s step father for her hand in marriage When Sophie receives an invitation from her friend Charlie to spend the season in London they leap at the chanceFinally after three years the three friends are reunited in London and they all know that finding a husband won’t be easy So they decide that maybe the men they seek out should be men who are also on the fringes of good society Good men but rakes The ladies meet and make a list of the men who meet their criteria – good men caring men not men who are truly debauched Charlie adds most of the names to the list because she knows of them because of her brother who would head the list but isn’t interested in a brideNate Hastings Viscount Malverne heir to the Earl of Westhampton and his three friends – Gabriel Holmes Fitzgerald Earl of Langdale Hamish Macueen Maruess of Sleat and Maximilian Devereaux Duke of Exmoor – all served together under Wellington and fought in the battle at Waterloo All have lived the life of an unrepentant rake since they returned from the wars and none of them have any desire to marry Their exploits are constantly in the scandal sheetsI loved Nate and he and Sophie were perfect together – he just had a really really hard time seeing that He was in constant denial and it ate at him Sophie was a realist She accepted that she loved Nate but when he just wasn’t interested in marriage and wouldn’t admit to loving her she did her best to move on and find someone new When she did it made Nate really jealous but he still wouldn’t admit his feelings So a woman does what a woman has to doIt is a lovely read with fun characters and does a great job of setting up the characters for future books – there’s also a nice excerpt from the next book included I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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    A scandalous incident that got Sophie Brightwell and her three closest friends expelled from finishing school has led the otherwise shy Sophie to become infamous amongst the ton That just means that her and her friends need to employ unconventional methods to find themselves a husband And their targets? RakesDoes anyone else find that with certain genres they are less likely to explore and find new authors? This is definitely the case for me and historical romance is one of the genres where I rarely read outside the authors I know and love Which is why I found myself picking up How to Catch a Wicked Viscount I had never read Amy Rose Bennett and I liked the sound of the blurb – adore wallflower and rake pairings – so I picked it up Sadly on this occasion it didn’t work for meI am very much a character driven reader I will continue to read and enjoy a book if I love the characters even if the story line isn’t great However if I dislike or I am disinterested in the characters I find a book very hard to read even if the plot is fantastic The latter is what I found with this book The plot was okay but I found I was completely disinterested in either the hero or heroine I found them both a little insipid and immatureIt feels like a harsh judgement but I found the heroes behaviour to be akin to a randy teenager throughout most the book and the heroine was just veryyoung I also didn’t really feel the romance between them It felt like a case of lust; they wanted to bang each other’s brains out as they were both physically attracted to one another Where was the actual romance? The deeper emotional connection as much as I tried to I just couldn’t see itI probably won’t read on in this series I didn’t enjoy the writing style and none of the characters that were introduced intrigued me enough that I would continue reading on to see their story If I want to read a story about a uartet of wallflower friends helping one another find a husbandI’m just going to reread the masterpiece that is the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas

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    Woohoo what an awesome start to a series I am sure any historical romance reader will not want to miss this one there were smiles and sighs aplenty in this sensual and fabulous story of how a debutante with a damaged reputation goes about catching a rakehell make yourself comfy while you get to know Sophie and NateMiss Sophie Brightwell is a bookish uiet country girl studying at a ladies academy when she and three of her friends are expelled for unbecoming conduct shunned by the ton Sophie is given the opportunity to spend the season in London with her best friend Charlotte Hastings the four girls meet up and come up with a plan to catch a husband and not just any husband they want a wicked rakehell And Sophie has her sights set on Charlie’s brother Lord MalverneNate Hastings Viscount Malverne is forever in trouble with his conduct and is forced home for the season by his father Nate is not interested in marrying and he has his reasons for that and for his behavior with his three best friends they are forever setting the tongues of the ton wagging But when he gets into a spot of bother in his own home with his sister’s friend Sophie Nate’s life as he knows it is going to change as he becomes chaperone to Sophie and must help her find a husband but helping her is setting is heart alightThis is a fabulously written book that is sure to have any reader turning the pages MS Bennett has taken me back to the regency era with balls and ladies who are learning about the real life and seducing rakes and Nate and Sophie have a journey to a HEA that is steamy and moving and touching I loved this one and do highly recommend it and I am very much looking forward to in this series

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    This is another wonderful read from Amy Rose Bennett When clever Sophie Brightwell is expelled from school her reputation is ruined and she knows society will close its doors until Sophie and her friends come up with a plan on how to catch a husbandThis is such a fun read I loved it like I love all of Bennett's books She is going to be a huge bestseller

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    What a ruined miss to do when attracted to a determined to never marry rake who spreads ruin in his wakeThis is my first read by Mrs Amy Rose Bennett and it was an enchanting one She has crafted a bright and spirited tale of taking its life in hand and accepting the wounds left by past battle for a better futureSophie was ruined long before her coming out when she was caught with her friends indulging in drink salacious reads and smoking cheroots at her school Which of course put her marital prospects close to zero when her family would have needed very much some help as they are close to destituteSo when she receives a missive to go back to London to be her friend new companion She thinks she might have found the answer to her prayer and the opportunity to maybe find a groom to beNate for Nathaniel Hastings is a man full of contrasts he hides his troubled self behind a mask of a profligate he indulges in drinking carousing whoring gambling to forgot the horrors of war and the scars it left inside him feeling hollow But it is not his only struggle he has his past guilt and shortcomings making him felt a failure when he is only victim of the ignorance of others about dyslexia and sad circumstancesIn spite of her shyness Sophie is no simpering miss she can be uite blunt and when she thinks her feelings can be returned she does not let her timidity deter herself from going after what she wants But she knows also when recognize she is defeated She is much stronger than she appears to be and won’t settle herself only because it might uplift her statusNate is so afraid to be hurt by another loss that he refuses to feel again but nobody orders one’s heart Whatever he tells himself he is inexorably drawn to Sophie For most of the story he preferred label it lust but lust is not possessive and can be easily sated when he longs for her can look at an other woman without being reminded of her She is in his every breathSophie is the courageous one as she tried to show him love is not always about pain when at every turn he rejects herWhat will be needed to make Nate understand she is the one for him that he can if he desires it really attain bliss by accepting to open his heart and being vulnerable to pain and heartache but also joy and happinessMrs Bennett with this first in a series has opened the doors of a really entertaining and intriguing world Each friend of Sophie will have her story which will turn around one of Nate’s friend Those side characters were nicely introduced as they came as part of the plot surrounding the romance of Nate and SophieA fat five stars for a delightful tale of acceptancehttpswwwfacebookcom429830134272

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    Sophie Brightwell believes she is doomed to spinsterhood when she and her three friends Lady Charlotte “Charlie” Hastings Olivia de Vere Arabella Jardine are expelled from Mrs Rathbone’s Academy for Young Ladies of Good Character and are dubbed the Disreputable Debutantes But three years later things begin to look up when Charlie invites Sophie to join her in London as her companion and Charlie’s Aunt Tabitha Lady Chelmsford decides to sponsor both girls for the season she has also offered to help Sophie get the children’s book she has written published And if all that was not enough it also enables her to see Charlie’s older brother Nathaniel “Nate” Hastings Viscount Malverne again – she met him three years ago and has harbored a tendre for him ever sinceNate is restless and his escapades have become increasingly scandalous to the point where his father the Earl of Westhampton has put his foot down and demanded that Nate make some serious changes in his life he also closes Malverne House and forces Nate to move back home His first night home he runs into Sophie in the library he is enchanted by her and but deems her off limits But it doesn’t stop him from flirting with her the next day at Gunter’s Later that night a very drunk Nate returns to his father’s house and mistakenly enters Sophie’s room and climbs into bed with her They are discovered by Charlie who blackmails him into helping Sophie find a match or she will inform their father of the incident and he will be forced to marry Sophie himselfAs far as debut novels go this was better than most and the author clearly has taken the time to learn the genre and has done her research The book is well written but a bit predictable and slow in the middle there are also uite a few storylines going that either lead nowhere or just didn’t seem relevant to the story The characters were likeable the “idea” of the story was fun the love scenes were steamy and I was elated that the author included an epilogue I think this author has a lot of promise and I look forward to reading of her work in the futureI am voluntarily leaving a review for an e ARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the Publisher

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    Reformed rakes make better husbands Myth or fact?So we have a plethora of interesting characters and situations in this first of the series The Disreputable DebutantesFour young women who'd been sent down from an exclusive ladies school for behaviour that did not fit with the school's ethosOf course Society gossiped about it and they did have to rusticate as it were for three yearsNow these disgraced debutantes are determined to take matters into their own hands as they work their way back into the social arena Not for them the pale aspects of Almanacks They are making a list of Rakes and are determining to to find a husband in hitherto unlooked for areasIt helps that one of their number Lady Charlotte Hastings has a brother Nate Hastings the Viscount Malverne who's a throrough rake His friends appear to be handily listed as well Well they did all fight in Waterloo and they seem to share an inability to put those times behind them What better way to conuer the ghosts that to be confirmed RakehellsDeceptively shy Sophie Brightwell has come to have a season with Charlie under the auspices of Charlie's aunt And Sophies heart seems to have settled on Charlie's brother The getting there is laced with some racy moments with Nate being disturbed by his attraction for Sophie and his dissatisfaction when others seem attracted to herFor all this the story didn't uite meet its promise A uick read It's memory doesn't lingerA Berkley Group ARC via NetGalley

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