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    Seeking revenge against the Romans has consumed Taranis His fallen nation long forgotten under the heels of the Romans that enslaved him and now force him to fight as part of the entertainment in their gladiator games Taranis lives to avenge those he failed and seeks a respectable warrior's death but his plan's are immediately thwarted when lays eyes on a creature of innocence in the midst of all of the decadent debauchery that is Rome Lavina becomes a pawn in the game he intends to win yet he can't deny that she's nothing like the country who raised her and perhaps worth fighting and living forThis is my first read by Amy Ruttan and I found it to be uite enjoyable The storyline did seem to be bigger than what the number of pages would allow so it felt a little condensed The characters played their respective roles well and it was hard to not immediately feel an attachment to characters that we were only allowed a brief glimpse of I especially appreciated the romance that unfolded between Taranis and Lavina They're both strong minded and have a clarity of what's wrong and what's right Taranis' goal changes throughout the book thanks to Lavina but she does as well becoming a stronger person willing to take a stand since she's found what's worth fighting for I was reminded in many ways of the television series Spartacus Blood and Sand so it wasn't hard to imagine what the characters and setting looked like during that time period Ms Ruttan proves to have a writing finesse when it comes to historical romance and I will gladly read of this fabulous author's workReview also posted Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

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    I’m of two minds about Gladiator’s Revenge I like the premise two people from different points on the social spectrum fall in love and become instrumental to a notorious event in ancient Rome I’m a massive history buff so that premise works for me on a lot of levelsSadly what didn’t work for me were the occasional inconsistencies in Gladiator’s Revenge In one scene the heroine’s hair and eye color change from dark brown to hazel Ms Ruttan got the details of the gladiator’s diet right but dismisses the fact that these guys were the rock stars of their day complete with earnings avid followers and lots of rich women ueuing up to have sex with them I’m afraid I didn’t buy the “denied pleasures of the flesh” line because the hero’s owner believed women weakened gladiators A marriage bed starts out as large and wooden and by the time the happy couple wrap things up it’s narrowThe second premise of a slave who’s living for revenge is terrific Sadly when our hero is actually close enough to the villain to kill him that revenge angle has fizzled from the narrativeI wanted Gladiator’s Revenge to be terrific For me it was an average readEve

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    Review Available AtNocturne ReadshttpwwwnocturnereadscomgladiatoReview ExcerptGladiator's Revenge by Amy Ruttan is an erotic peak into the deceptions and betrayals in ancient Rome during the reign of Tiberius Claudius Nero The novel is a fast paced uickie read that is deliciously sinful

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Cadence greed and violence of Rome When she meets the gaze of the condemned gladiator across the Circus Maximus he stirs a deep yearning in her heart but it is not meant to be She is destined to marry a man who’s soul is as black as nightOn a whim Emperor Nero grants Taranis freedom with his choice of a wi.

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Fe Taranis chooses Lavina much to the horror of her parents Only Lavina is not disgusted by this prospect and revels in Taranis’ touch He finds himself caring for and falling in love with the little Roman Yet a shadow falls on their happiness and soon Lavina will have to choose between her home and her hea. Sir Gawain and The Green Knight revels in Taranis’ touch He finds himself caring for and falling in love with the little Roman Yet a shadow falls on their happiness and soon Lavina will have to choose between her home and her hea.

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Taranis had one thing on his mind since the Romans enslaved him Revenge Until he laid eyes on the innocent beauty of Lavina a daughter of his enemy It was then that he knew how to wreak revenge against those who wronged him by taking one of Rome’s daughters over and over againLavina is humiliated by the de.