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Behind the Curtain

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D Emory's headAloof dance superstar Jared is a sweet vulnerable man and Dawson's life suits him like a fitted ballet slipper They forge a long distance romance from their love of the theater and the magic of Denny's At first it's perfect Dawson gets periodic visits and nookie from a gorgeous man who “gets” him and Jared gets respite from the ultra competitive world of dancing t. This book feels like prototypical Amy Lane in story arc characters and phrasing which is a good thing She's an autobuy author for meDawson is young intense and humorous by turns prone to italics and yet in other ways very grounded in family friends and what matters in life His POV narration has moments of excellent humor and of heart tugging angst His best friend Benji is wonderful staunch and supportive het and not even curious but behind Dawson in every way Jared is the character who will break your heart a little a professional dancer with a life so pared down to nothing that all that exists is his body and the stage in the celebration of dance Until he meets Dawson Jared has been alone for so long and has tried to connect with users and losers often enough that he barely knows what to do with a guy like Dawson But if he can figure it out he has a taste of the love and family that Dawson can wrap around him Unfortunately the job that is life and breath to him is out of town and his agent and the company he dances with are determined to keep that his first priority above not just Dawson but even Jared's own health and longevity The show must go on But at what costThere is a nice cast of secondary characters including women which I always appreciate about Amy's books Dawson is a bit pushy and demanding but it makes sense because he's trying to get for Jared what Jared doesn't seem to realize he deserves for himself Jared is a bit passive again appropriate given the life he has had and the way he threw all of himself into dance until there was very little left I wanted to go beat the crap out of a couple of people on his behalf myself This book didn't get into the marrow of my bones the way some Amy Lane books do but it will be a reread without a doubt

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Dawson Barnes recognizes his world is very small and very charmed Running his community college theater like a petty god he and his best friend Benji know they'll succeed as stage techs after graduation His father adores him Benji would die for him and Dawson never doubted the safety net of his family even when life hit him below the beltBut nothing prepared him for falling on Jare. I'm sorry to say that this wasn't my favorite Amy Lane In all fairness I recently read two Amy Lane's that blew me away Truth in the Dark and Christmas Kitsch and this one just withered in comparison There was something about the writing in this book that felt off to me There were lots of little time jumps and there was almost a spazzy style to it maybe like Dawson the main character The kind of choppy non seuiturish writing was hard for me to get into and this book took me days to finish To compare I usually stay up all night to finish an Amy Lane book I also had some trouble getting into Dawson and Jared as a couple I didn't connect with them much and felt oddly aloof towards them I'm not sure why I liked the straight best friend in Benji but I kept comparing the relationship between Benji and Dawson to Deacon and Jon from Keeping Promise Rock Despite all of my little issues this book has many lovely ualities The ending was really wonderful and the character of Dawson's dad was fabulous I also liked how Dawson was a fully uniue character I got a really firm sense of who he was and what drove him I loved his abashed enthusiasm for sex and his grasp of right and wrong Looking back at this book I enjoyed it but feel a little disappointed because I was hoping for another slam dunk Amy Lane Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Hat almost consumed himThat is until Jared shows up sick and desperate and Dawson finally sees the distance between them concealed painful things Jared kept inside If he doesn’t grow up and fast his superstar might not survive his own weaknesses That would be a shame because the real fragile Jared that Dawson sees behind the curtain is the person he can see spending his life with. Virgin alert Angst FestI can imagine Amy Lane sitting in a rocking chair in peels of laughter and gasping for air as she watches her readers via live webcams go through the pain and pleasure of another one of her cutesy love stories In Behind the Curtain she takes two different characters throws in some innocence makes us fall in love with them and then spices it up with lots of boners; then she adds some heartache rips our hearts out and places them in a blender at maximum speed And voila It’s an ALane classicSo this was about sweet adorable klutzy Dawson with his protruding hips elbows and ears and stoic dry handsome Jared The story seemed almost eually focused on Dawson’s friends there’s dream come true best friend Benji who’s always seen Dawson as simply a person – not a person with a different sexuality Not a weird dork or a goofy klutz Just his mate; his best friend And then there’s “Call It Like It Is” Amber – emo goth Amber who shows us just how wonderful Dawson Benji and Darian Benji’s girlfriend are I mean these kids don’t care if you’re into The Clash or Celine Dion; they’ll accept you any way you are Are you getting the vibe here Yup it’s sweetAnyways as always Amy’s gentle words play at your heartstrings as you read about their plight There's instalove that turns into a long distance relationship with a bastard character thrown in to mess things upI guess for me it was hard to understand why Dawson was so enamoured by Jared I could see that he was very attracted to him but what made him decide that this was the guy he was going to give his V card to Hang on there were great things about Jared – clearly there were but but I dunno I wasn’t feeling it On the other hand I could genuinely see why Jared was drawn to Dawson’s fun uirky thoughtful caring character Jared’s hands on either side of Dawson’s face didn’t calm him down ”You’re beautiful” Jared said ”Like dance That perfect moment when it’s movement and music and body – that’s you I’ll never let go of that I swear”If you’re an Amy Lane fan you’ll probably really love this It’s sweet and fun There’s a dash of bad guy action and a ton of angst

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