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  • Paperback
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  • Worlds Apart
  • Anamika Mukherjee
  • English
  • 21 August 2019
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Worlds Apart

Anamika Mukherjee ✓ 1 FREE READ

Ry One small patch on a high resolution photograph appears to show an area under cultivation Sresha is intrigued Have people from nearby areas recently settled in the Dead Zone Or could this possibly be evidence of survivors from the Catastrophe itself Sresha is desperate to investigate further But not everyone is eually interested in un. Received this book through a giveaway Very interesting also scary topic I did not read the first book but this book can easily be read alone without the storyline from the previous book I loved how independent the main character is but she definitely seems so naive with men The future here is also very interesting has a nice way of making you think what it could really be like 50 years from now I have to say that i did enjoy this book It was a good read


Earthing the truth Lalitha seems to be interested in her nail polish and Arun clearly only has one thing on his mind Sresha does have one ally in Ashok but the official route to investigating her discovery is embroiled in politics and Sresha realizes she must resort to drastic measures if the world is ever to find out about the survivors. Though I finished this book I was continually waiting for some excitement to show up The premise of a horrific nuclear accident is a good one but the author skirted around what really happened She also did not fully explain how the survivors managed to survive for decades after the accident The characters seemed very shallow and poorly developed The relationships were strangely not given any opportunity for bonding It seems the military and civil responce to the accident were glossed over when they obviously could not have been

SUMMARY Worlds Apart

Sresha an expert in nuclear safety has just joined a broad team of professionals Their task is to analyze the environmental impact of the Catastrophe a cataclysmic nuclear power plant accident that occurred in Delhi almost five decades ago As Sresha works with others on the team to analyze data from the site she makes a startling discove. I won this book in a goodreads drawingFriends are transferred to study a nuclear accident that occurred 50 years ago in India and findssurvivors Not bad but very shallow