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    A very different novel its divided into 3 partsDnyaneshwarDnyaneshwar te Oshtoreez Oshtoreez keko is a famous photographer the book is focusing on his life in the 3rd part Body mind are two inseparable things an art is a reflection of mind created with the help of a body The Characters especially like Neelam Yamuna; Keko Abujaan are very well sketchedAnant samant skillfully highlights love the relationships in his stories you don't even feel its obsceneindecent Magical words magical story

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    Anant samant is one of my favourite authors His style is bold You will read bold statements abusive words fantastic witty dialogues in his novels I found oshtoreez interesting part one is fantastic as it was original storyan interconnected story later on user demand he extended story and tried to connect it to original story which I feel he did in a fairly good way But mentioning of vietnam saga was useless time consuming boring which gives feels of loosing rhythm otherwise story would have been very interesting

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    The book is very nice and interesting

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