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How Many Jelly Beans?

CHARACTERS How Many Jelly Beans?

Or three a day This giant picture book offers kids a fun and easy way to understand large numbers Starting with 10 each page shows and colorful candies leading up to a giant fold. Great counting book for children that helps them understand bigger numb


How many jelly beans are enough How many are too many Aiden and Emma can't decide Is 10 enough How about 1000 That's a lot of jelly beans But eaten over a whole year it's only two. This is a great book that helps with counting Those Good Gertrudes great book that helps with counting

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Out surprise ONE MILLION JELLY BEANS With bright illustrations and an irresistible extra large format How Many Jelly Beans makes learning about big numbers absolutely scrumptious. When Emma chooses ten jellybeans and Aiden wants twenty they each try t

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    This is a great book that helps with counting

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    Boy I tell you You get a kid and suddenly you find yourself scheming all these crazy schemes “I’m going to get my kid to like vegetables” “I’m going to get my kid to appreciate classical music” “I’m going to get my kid to like math” Crazy right? I mean the first two seem doable but the third? I’m an English major guys What are the chances that I’m even capable of instilling a math love in my offspring? To the rescue comes a new generation of picture books for kids with math centric concepts I’m not talking about books that take a math problem turn it into a story and somehow that’s going to magically get kids excited about integers No I’m talking about math books that practically dare kids to deny the pleasure of counting estimating etc Such books most certainly exist though it takes some digging to locate them Now at long last we’ve a book that not only encourages kids to count on their own but hits them over the head with a number they may hear all the time but could never uite comprehend Until now Emma and Aiden They like their jelly beans they do When Emma is asked how many she’d prefer she opts for a standard “Ten” Not to be outdone her brother Aiden asks for “Twenty” So naturally Emma asks for twenty five and Aiden sees her twenty five and raises the number to fifty At a certain point of course Emma points out to her bro that when it comes to numbers like five hundred jelly beans and you can see all five hundred on the table in front of them there’s no way a person could eat that many Aiden points out that in a year he could eat as many as a thousand Up and up and up the numbers go with and jelly beans filling the pages until at long last you reach the thrilling conclusion Turn the page and you find some folded pages On one side the kids are suggesting a MILLION jelly beans Well as it just so happens that’s how many fill these folded pages And finally at long last Aiden concedes that maybe a million just maybe might be too much It’s nice when you can imagine how a book’s going to be used Author Andrea Menotti also happens to be a Senior Editor at Chronicle Books whatta coincidence Her goal here was to give the book the barest outline of a skeleton of a plot on which to hang the art and those images of copious delicious colorful sugar bombs that appear on every page The ending I’ll tell you right now relies on the shock of the number rather than the interaction between the two kids Basically the dare at the end of the book that one number or another is “too many” is finally accepted So there you go When you first open it up you come to a two page spread where Emma is being offered ten jellybeans At this point a certain strain of child is going to insist on counting those beans just to make sure the author and illustrator got it right They’ll probably be the same kids that count the twenty and there’s a chance they may make it to fifty seventy five or a hundred After that it’s anybody’s guess Due to the nature of the book the beans are shrunk down and until you get to the end and the miniscule jelly dots sprinkled all over the pages Even so I like to imagine the kid who will sit down on the floor and begin the process of counting to a million I wonder how far they’ll get I wonder if anyone will congratulate them on their progress The trim size of the book is going to be a problem I’ll tell you that right now Where most picture books are around a cheery 10” X 9” or so this book stands at an impressive 145 by 11 inches Undoubtedly this is to accommodate the massive poster like gatefold in the back of the book A million jellybeans don’t appear without a little help after all For personal and home libraries this shouldn’t be a huge problem You just turn this puppy onto its side and slide it onto your shelf that way Libraries may have a bit difficulty of course but it’s not as if this is the biggest book they’ve ever seen or anything My hope is that a lot of them tackle the problem by putting this book out on display often than not Then everybody wins As for the gatefold in the back I won’t lie to you It’ll get ripped Absolutely it will Unfolding it carries all the potential disaster that comes when you unfold a map on a road trip You know there’s only one way to fold it back up that’ll fit in the back of the book and you also know that the odds of getting it right are stacked against you That said I still say it’s worth it Because right now I’m imagining the expression on the face of the kid that reaches the end of the book and doesn’t realize what’s coming And that right there makes all the difference Illustrator Yancey Labat has a sweet inked style that looks like nothing so much as LeUyen Pham crossed with Chris Raschka Or put another way it’s super cute A former penciler for Marvel it shouldn’t surprise much of anyone that Labat's art in this particular book is of the digital persuasion Before the era of computers I shudder to think how else you could possibly cram a million jelly beans in the back of a book though I suspect maybe Peter Sis could do it The beans themselves do look rather digital even at the start They’re just a little too smooth A little too perfect The kids and their dog however look completely hand drawn They’re not I suspect but I like how their natural lines and brushstrokes contrast with the seeming perfection of the jelly beans in their midst We live in an era of millions billions and trillions When our government officials discuss these large numbers they’re so huge that we can’t even wrap our heads around them In this light How Many Jelly Beans? fills a desperate need Our kids have to understand how big something like “a million” really is They have to feel the heft and the weight and the scope and the power of the amount Sure there are books like How Much Is a Million which attempt to make the case by putting the number into distances but there’s a lot to be said for a book that actually physically shows you what you’re dealing with This book brings numbers home to kid readers And after they go through it I can guarantee that they’ll never write off the idea of a million anything ever again For ages 4 8

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    So much fun Great visuals great humor great way to convey counting large numbers I mean how many kids can relate to the uestion Can you really have too many jelly beans? Would have totally gotten five stars if it hadn't been for that CRAZY big last fold out page I love how crazy big it is but it's just falling apart in our library I wish they had thought of a durable way to demonstrate this

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    Great counting book for children that helps them understand bigger numbers

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    Sometimes I reuest e books from the library based on covers alone I know I know I mistakenly though that How Many Jelly Beans? was an elementary chapter book but instead it's a picture book about counting Which is definitely a positive thing but it doesn't resonate with any of the demographics in my family I read through it with my toddler but the black and white pictures my Kindle's fault not the book didn't hold her attention and she's too young to really understand the concept of counting I saw that there's an amazing pull out spread in the hardcover edition of this and I'm sure the illustrations are lovely in color

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    James can count up to a hundred now with only a few skips and jumps Zenobia can count up to ten But counting and having an understanding of the size of numbers are two different thingsI've always loved maths I didn't take it further than secondary school though I could have done it at University but I realised when I started reading about children's education when I was expecting my first child that it needed a lot than a natural aptitude in order for most of us to learn the basic concepts So I had fun with my children throughout their schooling and I also became a Numeracy Tutor for adults with basic needs I remember one project I did with a group over 8 weeks which was Spend a Million Dollars and it wasn't allowed to be spent in one fell swoop on an expensive houseWe talk of millions but mostly it's just talk This delightful book shows us a million jelly beans Of course we build up to it gradually starting with 5 dead easy for both James and Zenobia then 10 not uite so easy for Zenobia when it's not just saying the words then the two children in the book keep besting each otherThe small variations keep the book from simply being repetitive one time they work out a number using a calendar another time an apartment block another time dividing the jelly beans into colours and the children's eyes when we opened up the big spread at the back were wide as wide can beHandle this book with care or be prepared with the sellotape for the last spread but read it often with the kids

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    Menotti A Labat Y 2012 How many jelly beans? A giant book of numbers San Francisco Chronicle Books School Library Journal ReviewCounting This book is about Emma and Aiden trying to figure out how many jelly beans they should each get As they keep increasing the number of jelly beans they want the reader will be able to divide and multiply numbers with the characters I liked this book because it wasn't just about counting number one through ten The author used bigger numbers like 1000 and then the characters figured out how many jelly beans you would eat per day if you had 1000 jelly beans for the year I liked the illustrations because they were black and white and the jelly beans were the only color in the book so they really stood out I would use this book in a classroom when students are practicing division

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    Menotti Andrea 2012 How Many Jelly Beans? Chronicle Books San Francisco California Picture Book CountingSLJ Review Publisher's WeeklyI liked the way this book looked it was huge with simple yet bright illustrations As the story goes Emma and Aiden compete with each other to get the most jelly beans But through their competitive battle they discover not just counting but subtraction division and forms of percentage For example Aiden claims he could eat 1000 jelly beans in a year and Emma realizes that's really not that much; that's only a few jelly beans a day for a year In another scenario Aiden chooses how many of which flavors he would choose out of 100000 jelly beans I found it to be a fun easy to read counting book

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    When Emma chooses ten jellybeans and Aiden wants twenty they each try to outdo each other with how many of the sweet candies they want The numbers get larger and larger along with the digital illustrations until finally they reach a number almost impossible to imagine one million The final page shows just that one million jelly beans ever so tiny that they are just colored spots on the pages that must be flipped and unfolded in order for all those candies to be seen One of the things I liked about this clever title was how the children figure out 1000 jelly beans isn't all that many eualing only two or three a day for an entire year This is math down in a fun way for sure

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    Big numbers are hard for children This is a big book to help with big numbersYou can see five things You can hold five things probably in your hand But what about five hundred things? Five thousand? A hundred thousand? A million?This big book librarians should be warned that it will not fit in a child's backpack and has foldout pages that will tear easily but please don't let that stop you from acuiring it for your collection uses a competitive brother and sister to allow children to visualize big numbers With jelly beans This amazing illustrator how long did it take Labat? actually draws on an enormous foldout page one million jelly beans Love this one

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