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Turning a Train of Thought Upside Down

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TURNING A TRAIN OF THOUGHT UPSIDE DOWN is an anthology of poems by 41 San Francisco Bay Area women poetsForty one women are unarmed but dangerous They can change your life with clarity truth and power in eual measure These poets from the literary culture of San Francisco make up an album of rich fabrics combining the ordinary and the magnificent Intima Multiplied by seven (By and By, of poems by 41 San Francisco Bay Area women poetsForty Chocolate For A Womans Heart one women are unarmed but dangerous They can change your life with clarity truth and power in eual measure These poets from the literary culture Shadrin of San Francisco make up an album 青春攻略本 第1巻 [Seishun Kouryakuhon, Vol. 01] (Manual to Teenage Life, of rich fabrics combining the Lilac Hill ordinary and the magnificent Intima

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Christina Hutchins Judy Juanita Tobey Kaplan Lynne Knight Bonnie Kwong Ellaraine Lockie Trena Machado Eileen Malone Dawn McGuire Janell Moon Judith S Offer Evelyn Posamentier Zara Raab Gloria Rodriguez Mary Rudge Eva Schlesinger Nina Serrano Eliza Shefler Jan Steckel Patti Trimble Jeanne Wagner Lenore Weiss Judy Wells Cherise Wyneken and Andrena Zawins

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Te details and heightened temperaments give us reason to care about poetry Grace CavalieriContributors Manja Argue Barbara Joan Tiger Bass Judy Bebelaar Laurel Benjamin Ruby Bernstein Marianne Betterly Susan Cohen Antoinette Constable Lucille Lang Day Nanette Deetz Carol Dorf Gail Rudd Entrekin Rebecca Foust Grace Marie Grafton Mary Grover Nellie Hill

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    In the past five years dozens of talented Bay Area women have found a comfortable place to share their poems among themselves through the Women's Poetry Salon began by poet and teacher Andrena Zawinski in 2007 This anthology published by Scarlet Tanager Books the Oakland press of poet Lucille Lang Day brings them to a wider audience A latecomer to the group I feel fortunate to be one of the poets included among the dozens represented here Zawinski's title poem remembers the women in her family who carried bundles of wash on their backs down to the creek bed to scrub it all clean and she sings the power of women to grown strong enough to carry ourselves to our own shade tree dream beneath its leaves in the kiss of our own breath learn to love ourselves deeply Several strong poems here conjure vivid portraits of mothers and mother daughter relationships The figure in Lynne Knight's moving What a Shame for example visits an unaging mother losing her mind to disease she is not easily forgotten And the narrator of Jeanne Wagner's My mother was like the bees stirs up a brilliant metaphor of bees and honeycombs for a mother's alcoholism Other poems here search both parents for an understanding of the human condition as Susan Cohen does in her masterful Cargador de Flores Diego Rivera 1935 the title of a print that hung above her parent's bed when she was a child Pondering her own parents' lives and the figures depicted by Rivera Cohen wonders about a wife who cannot keep herself from worrying each knot tighter a husband who wonders how flowers turned heavy as stones The empty nester in Gail Rudd Entrekin's poem Deciding contemplates suicide until the man she has almost forgotten waiting for her appears and helps create a setting and mood for her renewed desire for life Jeanne Wagner's Puget Sound celebrates a child's discovery of meaning as she plumbs the sound of the word sound its depth and hears its waves rebound between close lying fingers of land Among the odes to birth and dancing and afternoon walks among the laments for the dead and dying there are moments here of stillness and appreciation for life's small wonders; these are finely crafted as in Judy Bebelaar's Some Birds The finches have fledged moved on so tiny and trim so focused on being alive Zara RaabTurning a Train of Thought Upside Down An Anthology of Women's Poetry

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    Full disclosure I'm one of the 41 contributors to this anthology of women's poetry from the San Francisco Bay Area Contributor and editor Andrena Zawinski founded a group here a few years ago called the Women's Poetry Potluck and Salon The group has nurtured me as a writer and as a woman and has set my feet on the road to bettering my craft It has also provided mentoring by other female poets that was absent from my undergrad days When I started college not one of the 300 or so tenured professors at my school was a woman Now I have my own university of female poets to guide me in the Woman's Poetry Potluck and SalonIt wasn't until I read this anthology however that I fully appreciated how accomplished and talented some of my colleagues in the Salon really are Judgments about poetry are highly subjective but among my personal favorites in this collection are Jeanne Wagner's My Mother Was Like the Bees; Susan Cohen's Chamber Music in which she describes herself in labor scrambling on my elbows up the bed frantic to back out of maternity and her ekphrastic Cargador de Flores Diego Rivera 1935; Antoinette Constable's Trail at Muir Woods not even written in her native language; Zara Raab's Hogback depicting not particularly verbal people with a vast and precise vocabulary of the natural and human worlds; Eliza Shefler's Dust Chanty with its musician's rhythm and repetition; and Eileen Malone's This Gold is Horseflesh with her honey tongued Irish American poet's cadences illuminated annointed like legend but unlikeEditor Andrena Zawinski in selecting and ordering the poems into a six part structure has created a collage that coheres and becomes its own work of art I'll be passing this book along to other poetic women I want to mentor and showing it proudly to my mother of course

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