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Midnight Empire

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Evastating turnA novel of a new kind of war of love and connection in the modern age Midnight Empire is a powerful thriller that takes us to the troubling epicentre of a foreshortening world It is a taut and at times terrifying vision of a world without frontiers a novel about dangerous new realities and how they threaten to transform us. This book was gripping and scarily plausible Clever well written and a little bit spooky

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Las Vegas Nevada Young Australian computer programmer Daniel Carter has arrived at the heart of the American war machine – the drone program at Creech Air Force Base Indian SpringsNaive untested but keen to make a difference he is plunged headlong into America's surreal battle against its enemies in the Middle East – a battle fought. Daniel Carter is a young programmer employed by a hight tech company located in Canberra Australia I used to live in Canberra and work in IT so I thought this book might be interesting Certainly local reviews were positive Daniel's employer has software that is vital to the US Government's drone program in Afghanistan Daniel goes across to the US a secret base near Las Vegas to support his employer's softwareThe action is uite slow and not that interesting and perhaps because of this Daniel gets involved in gambling in the nearby casinos From here its all down hillThe plot and may appeal to those with an interest in tech IT and military gadgets but the gambling sub plot just seemed unbelievable for somebody like Daniel CarterI wanted to like this book but found it unsatisfactoryRegardsPeter

free download Ú eBook or Kindle ePUB é Andrew Croome

At a distance of 7000 miles from a city where nothing is realAs geographic and political boundaries blur Daniel enters into an unlikely romance with a professional poker player Ania But when the hunt for an Al aeda master mind ramps up in the skies over Peshawar and American pilots begin to die in the suburbs of Las Vegas events take a d. Midnight empire has been the best fiction book I have read It is a good book I think that you will like it to It is about a young Aussie named Daniel carter he has made his way to los angles He meets a really good poker player that he falls in love than his girl friend savannah I like this book because it has been the best fiction book I have read because at some parts you can make a good picture in your head This is an amazing book you have a try He has also wrote the book do document z

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  • Midnight Empire
  • Andrew Croome
  • English
  • 15 July 2019
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