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Et in the author's home state of Kansas Andrew Malan Milward traces how we live amid the inconvenient ghosts of history The Burning of Lawrence vibrates with the raw terror of a town pillaged by pro Confederate raiders O Death recalls the harrowing desperate journey of the exodusters African American migrants who came to Kansas to escape oppression in the South And in the co. So very gratefu Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 pillaged by Men in Kilts pro Confederate raiders O Death recalls the harrowing desperate journey of the exodusters African American migrants who came to Kansas to escape oppression in the South And in the co. So very gratefu

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Grounded in place spanning the Civil War to the present day the stories in I Was a Revolutionary capture the roil of history through the eyes of an unforgettable cast of characters the visionaries and dreamers the radical farmers and socialist journalists the uack doctors and protesters who haunt the past and present landscape of the American heartlandIn these stories each s. I just met Andr

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Llection's haunting title piece a professor of Kansas history surveys his decades long slide from radicalism to complacency a shift that parallels the landscape around himUsing his own home state as a prism through which to view both a nation's history and our own universal battles as individuals Milward has created a fresh and complex new palimpsest of the American experien. I received this

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    I just met Andrew Malan Milward at a Florida book festival where we shared a panel on historical fiction But we agreed that neither of us is writing strictly historical fiction Rather we are 'engaging' with history to draw out timeless literary themes His new book of stories offers deeply researched and stunningly vivid portraits of Kansans at critical points in the history of the state of Kansas Andrew can inhabit any person he wants black white outlaw struggling immigrant His sense of voice is just superb He studied with Marilynne Robinson so if you loved Gilead and Housekeeping you will be glad you have found Andrew's stories And he's going to be coming out with a novel I can't wait

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    When Rebecca Schinsky at Book Riot tells you to read a book friends you listen Rebecca messaged me early one Monday to tell me about this great little book of stories set in Kansas where I live The next day I had a copy in my grubby little fingers and was literally shoving it into other people's hands PS I'm sorry if I shoved this book into your handsMilward is a protégé of Marilynne Robinson and Tim O’Brien and it shows in the way he takes well worn history book anecdotes and transforms them into something so human raw and immediate I loved the stories about the Goat Gland Doctor who claimed to cure erectile dysfunction with well goat testicles and the one about the man who built a cement Garden of Eden you can still visit the landmark in Lucas Kansas todayThis is a weird fascinating and beautiful little book for anyone who appreciates history litfic or an awesomely crafted short story I adored it — it’s one of my absolute favorites of the year

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    OUTSTANDING Kansas is the unifying thread in these stories which illustrate that history is the accumulation of individual lives uantrill Dinsmoor Exodusters professors and students Panthers and Hemp Pickers are all here and all too human The author credits Tim O'Brien with “reminding me that fiction is for getting at the truth when truth isn’t sufficient for the task So true Highly recommended whether you're a Kansan or not

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    Giving this book a high rating puts a smile on my face because it was written by one of my creative writing professors at UK I've always wondered about how awkward it must be for a writer to have people they know dislike their work which isn't to say that Andrew and I are best friends or that he would have been in any way affected by my irrelevant opinion but I would have felt weird It's one thing to diss a book when the author is just a professionally taken photo to you but it's another thing when you sat across from them once weekly 14 or 15 times a semesterNow before I get too off track I Was a Revolutionary is a short story collection that stretches across Kansas history I'd known from what little of Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America I've read that Kansas has a rich history of populism and radicalism and Andrew uses the state's history to paint portraits of a diverse array of characters Andrew gets to know his characters and even the ones who remain nameless come to life Now I have to admit that while I commend the characterization I took issue with how every story reads almost the same despite alterations in formatting I would have appreciated voice in each story rather than just a blasé third person narrator but even still it didn't detract from my enjoyment too much

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    This was a collection of 8 short stories by the author that followed a central theme of Kansas specifically how the history of it shaped what it is today I never really gave much thought to the state but after reading this I have a newfound appreciation for it One of the most prominent points of it's history was Bleeding Kansas the nineteenth century debate over whether it should be a free or slave state This is considered a major cause for the eventual beginning of the American Civil WarIt was really fascination to have learned a lot about Kansas history through these fictional stories Milward did a great job of doing that However I give 3 stars only because a couple of them like The Americanist and Good Men a Long Time Gone weren't exactly following the historical fiction theme for the most part and so didn't really interest me My favorite was definitely O Death following two different families during the huge movement of African Americans traveling away from the south after the abolishing of slavery

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    So very grateful for the opportunity I had at Auburn to study under this man Such a strong sense of place and commitment to history throughout Professor Milward made me interested in Kansas a place I previously dismissed as pointless and boring There's so much to learn from here though There is so much we lose if we ignore this There's a variety in this collection; the different narrative styles make each new story fresh and captivating The characters leap off the page and your heart aches along with theirs Highly recommend this book

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    The stories won't stick with me Even writing this review a month after reading it very little sticks in my head as memorable The author an academic sticks to what he knows and sets multiple stories in the context of a university As such the voices never really sound distinct; not truly memorable I did enjoy a reflection on the revolutionary status of Kansas But I could have got as much and have in the past from a short history book as I did from this

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    I’m very glad I read it These were interesting engaging stories about Kansas Using the individual lives of people this collection of stories tells fascinating stories of the state The stories range from the present moment back to the founding of the state Kansas has an interesting social and political history and this book reminds one of that even while giving historic details in an engaging way

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    I received this book as part of a Goodread giveaway Some very interesting lenses to look at history are shown I absolutely loved how you see the historical figure and the historians stories with eual emphasis It shows that you are just never sure who may be part of history or your part of it Probably the best way to look at the world that I have seen

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    Excellent Excellent Excellent I learned uite a surprising amount of history about my home state The prose does not wander and the stories all connect with one another The best thing was clearly picturing the places in the 3 stories based in Lawrence Really enjoyed it all Made me want to visit Dodge City which is a desire I have never ever had

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