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The Zero Dads Club

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Ch a plan to create a special club It's for all the kids in their grade who don't have a da This is a nice way to remind children that there are many different configurations of families There are children who do not have dads there are children who have no moms There are families where the adults my be a grandparent or aunt or multiple moms In this story it is about to be fathers day and the children figure out a way to support each other and celebrate their families even though they initially felt left out

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D but want to celebrate other family members instead See what they make in The Zero Dads Cl Challenges gender bias without becoming preachy or political A Great addition to our picture book collection Love the diversity of the characters in illustrations too

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It's Father's Day craft time in Akilah and Kai's class but they don't have dads So they hat Another delightful new offering from the Flamingo Rampant press This one features a group of first graders who come together to celebrate all sorts of zero dads family configurations as well as different cultural and ethnic family customs that those families might have I think a lot of kids would be really happy to experience this book regardless of how many dads they have but it would certainly be a good choice for a kid who is having a hard time or feeling left out because they don't have a dad and their friends do

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