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Rattlesnake Rock Horse Guardian #7

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Everyone wins Almost Seven unwanted mustangs will be sent to slaughter Can she let that happen But what choice does she hav. I love horses so obviously this book appealed to me at first sight

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Five of the twelve mustangs in the herd get to live her parents keep their jobs and her friend gets a new assistant Almost. I would really like to have a wildhorse like Vivo This book touched my heart3


Rosa is faced with a terrible choice Senor Garcia has offered her a dream job and a mustang colt of her own If she accepts. Rattlesnake Rock is very interesting Rosa is faced with a terrible choice Senor Garcia has offered her a beautiful mustang colt by the name of Vivo He will let her parents Senor and Senora Fernandez keep their jobs and 5 of the 12 mustangs will get to live but the 7 unwanted mustangs will be sent to the slaughterer Senor Domingo Will Rosa except this offer or will she call on the help of AngelicaRosa is a girl who loves horses and mustangs She wishes to protect them from Senor Garcia Angelica is the heroine of the story who helps both horses and sometimes humans Senor FernandezJose is the father of Rosa He works for Senor Garcia Senora Fernandez is the mother of Rosa and she also works for Senor Garcia Senor Garcia is the owner of the ranch He believes that when a horse reaches the age of 20 it should be killed however he makes a turn for the better in the story Liana is Senor Garcia’s daughter who ran away from home Carlos tames horses for Senor Garcia Senor Domingo is the man who is called on by Senor Garcia to kill the mustangsThe story does not really say what time period it is set in The characters of the story live on a cattle ranch in some Mexican desert This impacts both the setting and the characters it just would not be the same if it was set in any other placeI would recommend this book to girls ages 10 15 since the main character of the story is a girl named Angelica

About the Author: Angela Dorsey

ANGELA DORSEY currently lives on Vancouver Island and is thoroughly enjoying the ocean breezes awesome hiking and lack of snow In the past she has lived in a number of small towns throughout BC and loved them all She loves hiking traveling and animals and has a tendency to name her pets after things that remind her of her coastal home such as Misty Raven and Cedar Angela writes nove

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