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Ction he yearns for a woman to welcome him home with open arms and no expectations beyond the morning Anything would be unacceptableTwo world weary souls will realize things can get very complicated when passion is satisfiedand a new hunger takes its place. Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by ShylaReview Copy Provided by the PublisherMs Gil did a fabulous job of setting up strong characters swiftly and then bringing them together for an explosive response both physical and mental I really enjoyed Hungry for touch and appreciated the authors explorations of topic with just enough depth to make it interesting and uniue without leaving me wanting at the end Something I think is the biggest challenge for the One Night Stand series Kimber was in a near fatal car accident years ago and hasn’t been the same since It’s as if a switch has been flipped off inside her leaving her unable to make a true emotional or physical connection Unable to orgasm or get past the first few dates she turns to the people of One Night Stand If they can fix her issues no one can At thirty six Nate is a lifer in the military facing retirement Jaded from all the things he’d seen and done his future is uncertain and his mind is on overload The only expectation he holds for the one Night stand service is welcome home sex with no strings attached After an evening with Kimber however one night doesn’t seem nearly enough

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Is to feel a connection For a night an hour or even a moment Anything would be unexpectedAfter his third deployment in Afghanistan Nate Brennan is a jaded soldier who has tasted the bitter and now aches to taste the sweet Gone too long without sexual affe. My ReviewWow when I sit down to read a 1NS book this is everything I hope it will be This novella was fantasticThis story was about two people who don't connect to others any Nate has been a soldier for 19 years and has seen way too much combat time He has a bit of mental fatigue Kimber was in an accident 5 years ago that changed her She hasn't been able to connect with a man physically or mentally since Both of them are hoping that by going through Madame Eve's 1NS service they will find a bit of healing They definitely don't plan on any than thatBut when they meet before their arranged date they have instant chemistry without even realizing at the time that they are each other's dates for later I liked the little twist of their meet up It made the 1NS connection seem real and genuine And whoaare they hot together Personally I think this is the steamiest 1NS book I've read and that's saying something because none of them are mild This story is Smexy with a capital SI truly loved everything about this story Both the characters were great with a wonderful back story Their chemistry was totally believable and hot And the story felt complete although it was very short I'm adding this one to my favorites file to re read when I need a short sexy something something It definitely merits a re read

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Kimber Dawson hasn't been able to connect with any man since her accident Something inside seems brokenand 1NightStand may be her last hope to prove she isn't the ice ueen men have claimed her to be Can one man's touch do what others couldn't All she wants. Coming home to America after years fighting in a war many service men and women struggle to fit back into the lifestyle the left behind Maybe by finding something new to believe in will help Madame Eve gives one such lifeline to one returning soldierKimber Dawson had an injury that left her in a coma When she woke from the coma she was changed and unable to climax or even feel an emotional connection with another person She hopes that with Madame Eve’s help she will finally be able to reach her peak and reconnect with someoneSergeant First Class Nate Brennan has been overseas fighting in three different conflicts He never thought he would see the day that he would make it alive back home The war left him cynical and emotionally stunted After a mysterious package arrives before he is sent home he decides to sign up for Madame Eve’s One Night Stand Dating Agency hoping that one night in a woman’s arms will help him feel good about his homecoming Hungry for Touch is a sweet romance between two characters who struggle to connect with others but are combustible when they meet A misadventure in an elevator establishes their interest and passion in each other but it is the time that they spend together outside of bed or off the floor that show their tender side In Hungry for Touch the sex is sizzling as Kimber and Nate are able to reach the highest plateau of ecstasy But as the two begin to see about a life beyond the one night stand they must learn to trust and love in each other I recommend Hungry for Touch to all the fans of hot sex and strong characters especially if you love military men who long for a woman to wipe the memories of war from their souls

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