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Return to the Shadows Shadows #2

Angie West ↠ 5 characters

Danger has a way of following Claire Roberts One year after her return from a place that is the stuff of legend she is plunged ba. Fast paced exciting new things going on

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He leads the way without looking back But Claire is about to find that evil doesn't die so easilyand the Shadow Man never forgets. I received this book as a free download for review from the author here on GoodreadsI really enjoyed the first book in this series but I honestly had to relegate this one to my DNF Did Not Finish shelf It seems like 30% or so of what I've read so far is yet ANOTHER rehash of the events in the first book Every time Claire meets back up with someone she hasn't seen in a year she has to tell the story of her life in painful detail yet AGAIN I ALREADY read the first book I'm truly disappointed by this but continued info dumps in a novel are a fatal flaw that I just can't ignore The first book gave so much promise and I really wanted to know what happens to the characters that were introduced there but the story and go nowhere plot is just putting me to sleep So the book is being put down and I must find something else to readUntil next time stay safe and above all be true to yourselfThat Aaron Guy

characters · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Angie West

Ck into the fray An attempt on her life has her searching for answers and when the land of Terlain is the only place left to go s. True love Will always find a way Claire will do anything to protect Ashley even if it means leaving her family Mark is a warrior who will protect his family as well Clair and mark so happy they found each other again What is meant ofTo be will always find a way Two good hearted people willing to take on the responsibility of 2 orphan girls Truly beautiful

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