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Eral dictates his memoirsto a eunuch scribe with a new perspective to all the blood he shedIn the desert oasis of Tadmor twelve year old Rayah comes of age accepting her new religionand her own power And on the third floor of the hous First a special t

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In the early years of Islam three lives braid togetherKhalid ibn al Walid never lost a battle either fighting against the Prophet Muhammad or for him Women no longer give birth to the likes ofKhalid the Prophet said In old age the gen A very good read

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E in Tadmor a woman with blue eyes hides her past in the safety of a harem which cannot remain secluded forever For she and her mothers led the tribes of the desert on sacred camels and with the help of beings of fire and smoke the ji Is it fair to sto

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    An excellent weaving Ann Chamberlin Goodreads Author takes two historical figures of Syria and adding a third and fourth weaves a complex and compelling braid At times it seems she may have forgotten one strand and then she plucks it up and deftly weaves it in with the other strands The result is an unexpected pattern as wild and enchanting as the ever present Syrian desertBased in Syria between 638 and 642 AD Ann takes Khalid ibn al Walid an historical figure also known as the Sword of Allah a girl called Rayeh her mother Sitt Sameh whom Ann identifies as an historical figure and Rayeh's grandmother as the base for the story Although Ann identifies the first three creating the braid of the story to me there are four strands making a weaving of the tale rather than a braiding of it As I finished the book my thought was Nooooooooooooooooo It can't be over What about Ann identifies there is another volume set to come out next year For me it won't be soon enoughUpdate 9 years later 2nd reading I was just as enthralled with Woman at the Well as I was the first time through This time though I'll be able to continue the story reading The Sword of God

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    A very good read I can't wait until I find the rest of the series

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    First a special thanks to the author who had the kindness of sending me the book The Woman at the WellIt is definitly a huge work and I'm sure it took a lot of researches because having information about Pre during and pro Islam is just not that easy The story is about Rayah the daughter of a kahinah prietress and which all her ancestors were kahinas as well Rayah will discover all this information which are related to her by her mother and the Eunuch And thus will know what is Khalid Ibn El Walid to her It is just an amazing story I always wanted to know how people used to live in that time and here I had the luck to read a story that deals with people of that time of history

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    Fascinating territory the Arab world just before the advent of Islam and just after A very complex and dense weaving of history and legend told with a touch of magical realism it's the story of Khalid one of the Prophet Mohammed's great generals his daughter Sitt Sameh based on an actual poetess of the period and his granddaughter Sitt Sameh's blue eyed child Sometimes difficult to follow but worth the effort

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    The author was kind enough to send me this book in addition to The Sword of God which I won in a Goodreads giveaway It is clear that a this book is based on a huge amount of research; I felt that it was pervaded by an air of authenticity that similar books such as Kamran Pasha's Mother of the Believers which I had a hard time getting absorbed in often lack

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    Is it fair to stop reading a book after only 49 pages? I skimmed most of the 49 and have so little interest in the charachters that I can't help thinking I don't have enough time to read a book I can't get into

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    Such an enchanting lovely story Even better I learned so much about a time and a place I knew nothing about I'm definitely going to look into the recommended reading Chamberlin suggests to learn even

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    Stunning I can't wait for the seuels

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