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Abels Omega Mercy Hills Pack #2

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E though he knows that an omega has to have one But Abel is unlike any other alpha he’s ever met and the hope that had been crushed out of him begins to grow again in the warmth of Abel’s kindness and strength Bax is a dream come true for Abel smart loyal strong and lovin. Better than the first book but it could have had worked fine with 150 pages less

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G Everything Abel’s ever looked for in a mate Except the independent omega has no reason to trust an alpha and Abel’s going to have to work his way through layers of hurt if he wants to convince Bax he’s safe opening his heart But to keep him he’ll have to fight for h. Seeing as I just finished book one in this series seriously like five minutes ago it's no wonder I was eager to jump into 'Abel's Omega' What I had seen of Abel in 'Mating the Omega' made me want to read about him He's a strong competent alpha of a large pack that he takes very good care of plus he's a software coding geek What could be funIn the first book I had a glimpse of how most omegas get treated in a pack but Baxter showed me the full extent of the hell he's dealt with being mated to the Alpha Patrick continually reminds him that he could send him back to his birth pack minus the three pups and one on the way and Baxter's life revolves around tiptoeing around the whims and moods of his alpha mate having spent plenty of time these past years bruised from beatings Bax hates him and I don't blame him but he loves his babies When Patrick is killed Bax's world his babies are threatened and he has to do what he must in order to keep his children And somewhere in the far distance was a shifter who liked me for me not for my omega womb and my omega heats and the fact that I was prettier than most of the female shifters in the pack A shifter who would love my children and take them as his own and who wouldn’t care if I never wanted to have sex again as long as I livedAbel is run ragged The youngest alpha ever for Mercy Hills he now has to figure out a way to come up with the uarter of a million dollars the judge decreed had to be paid to Jason's old pack in six months or Jason had to be returned to them As it is Abel works long hard days trying to take good care of his pack follow all the human rules regulations and paperwork plus keep his computer software company going to provide income for the pack But when Bax and his four pups show up Abel can't deny his protective instincts to help this young omega who was mated at sixteen not legal among shifters and has had four pups in four yearsAbel begins courting Bax and wooing Bax which is incredibly romantic and sweet It was fascinating to watch the shifter politics that had to occur in order for Abel to adopt the pups and mate Bax Abel had to make an agreement with the pups’ father's pack for the adoption because only the alpha is considered the parent not the omega but Abel had to go to Bax's birth pack for the mating contract It was like medieval timesWhen I started this novel I was concerned at its length worrying that it might drag in parts etc Well I can guarantee that didn't happen Between Jason's old pack still causing problems and a huge discovery about Bax's heritage there was than enough to hold my attention Now the Council has gotten involved and Jason's fate is still hanging in the balance I won't tell the resolution you'll have to read for yourselfI loved this novel It had everything I adore and opened doors for future books that I really hope the author is currently working on Thank you for another book that kept me riveted to every page

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Bax is desperate Recently widowed he takes his pups and flees his pack to avoid a new mate who wants him but not his babies At Mercy Hills he finds the help he’d hoped for but also a man who both attracts and unnerves him He doesn’t want another alpha mate or even any mat. Honestly I've read a 1000 pages faster than I read this book OMGSo much nothingI didn't uit but there was so much time I didn't read either ShameNow I am stuck with a show I started gosh darn it

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