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Runaway Maid

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G she could do about the situation Her pose as a member of the servant class rendered her completely out of the running for Sir Giles affections Oh how she wished she'd neve

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R committed this ruse For how could she tell him she was actually Sir Humphrey's daughter To do so now would serve only to make her a laughingstock in Sir Giles's mocking ey

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She's a fine lady who will suit Sir Giles wellRobina's heart sank at the word The thought of Sir Giles's marrying another woman was than she could stand But there was nothin

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    A fun uick read Robina is to marry Sir Joseph a most unsavory character When she refuses she is to be sent to her Aunt in Scotland but Robina has other plans Her parents and twin brother Robin yes a bit corny go off to Vienna while Robina has conspired to visit her old nanny Only problem is when she gets to the nanny's homethe nanny has passed Now the fun begins

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    Enjoyable historical romance set in Georgian England during the reign of George III At times humorous and engaging characters An enjoyable story

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