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    The novel takes place in a fantasy world There are Illuthians Perinan Wolves and Arkanan The Arkanan are immortal wizards who rule the land Perinan and Wolves only Perinan are the regular civilians Perinan children are kidnapped by Wolves under Arkanan orders and are sent to a school to become Wolves themselves They are called Wolves but are humanThe protagonist is the character of Shan a Cub Wolf In Training who is bullied by her peers because of her poor extremely poor eyesight Various events occur and new characters are met But the journeyuest starts when she survives initiation and joins a pack There she reunites with a Wolf who seems unstable Deakin and his best friend an untrained wizard Fletcher Together they realize that they are part of the prophecy A madman wizard and blind woman will have the power to destroy the Firedrake source of Arkanan's power and overthrow the Arkanan The three have to overcome obstacles and learn about themselves and friendship as they embark on this perilous endeavor The Wolves and Perinan also must learn that though they hate each other they have a common enemy the Arkanan My favourite character in this novel is Fletcher I love the friendship between the three Though it may seem the novel is about going against the Arkanan's control it is just as much about these three characters and the bond that the have with each other I often sympathized with the characters for the all have sad pasts and reasons for why they have become who they are The plot is well developed and will keep you turning the pages The dialogue is interesting and you will be sucked into this imaginary world More people should read this amazing book I sure loved it If you like fantasy but want of a balance between fighting scenes detailed descriptions of the world etc and characters and relationships than this is the book for you

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    A nice fantasy tale

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Chosen for 2003 Our Choice Canadian Children's Centre literature guideShortlisted for the 2004 Snow Willow AwardAlthough Shan cannot see well and is barely an ad.

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Y the Firedrake and free the Perinan people Firedrake is in breadth scope and style one of the most ambitious and successful young adult fantasy novels yet writt.

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Ult she teams up with her unlikely companions a madman a handsome but rather depressed warrior and a wizard a well intentioned but ineffective magician to destro.