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The Vampire Chronicles

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Ire myth Now in one chilling volume here are the first three classic novels of The Vampire Chronicles; Interview with the Vampire The Vampire Lestat and u. Done with Interview with the Vampire I'd read it so long ago that I had forgotten a great deal of it which left me with the same feeling of satisfaction you get when reading a new book And I really enjoyed it again A reminder that vampires are supposed to be these cold dead murderous creatures; and not the pretty young playthings from most contemporary vampire stories Now on to the Lestat novelUpdate Done with The Vampire Lestat Not bad but I have to say it wasn't uite as satisfying as the previous book was There are a lot things going on in this story but it somehow doesn't feel as cohesive as Interview with the Vampire did I also felt that the author was somehow deviating a bit from the original concept; that might have helped make the series popular but I'm not sure it's made it better Not a bad book but not as good as the first one in the series

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In 1976 nearly 80 years after Bram Stoker published Dracula Anne Rice's bestselling first novel Interview with the Vampire breathed new life into the vamp. Honestly one of the best vampire novels I've read in a long time It's about time I read it to be honest Anne Rice does a great job at making us feel for even the proverbial bad guys in the book I found myself enjoying the character of Armand the most Although I didn't enjoy the awkward romantic scenes between Louis and vampire child Claudia

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Een of the DamnedAll amazing stories in themselves together this huge volume presents a classic work bound together into one attractively designed edition. Interview with the Vampire was a twisted and disturbing book and I almost did not read on Since I bought the trilogy all in the same book I felt like I had to finish the whole thing otherwise I'd be giving up mid book I'm so glad I read on because The Vampire Lestat is a much better story and so far I am enjoying The ueen of the Damned

About the Author: Anne Rice

The Vampire Chronicles her prevailing thematical focus is on love death immortality existentialism and the human condition She was married to poet