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Gathering Dust

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Ted novel and a screenplay A Turkish Soap Opera which was produced by Sababa Emporium Film Productions into an award winning feature film and seri.

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These poems had been written over the past three decades and were sitting in a box just gathering dust Some were written as far back as my grade s.

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Chool days In the last decade I have redirected my writing energy into developing books both fiction and non fiction My latest project is a comple.

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    A collection of poems that have density grit and a startling power The poems actually seem to rise from the page one listens rather than reads And it is this silence that allows the reader turned listener to hear Vasuez's plain speech elouence and her painterly crispness'Mirrors' is idiomatic rhythmical and utterly gorgeous'Work Day Emotions' carries both the collouialness of her language and the haunting rhythms of her verse it is a rhythm that puts a spell on the listener running like a bass line through the poems 'Games' has a lyrical intensity and a play of sounds that give texture to the poemEach poem in the collection is beautifully crafted and raw with emotion a stirring and exciting book of poetry as a gift between lovers I would highly recommend Gathering Dust

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