REVIEW Ü Family Secrets Acts of Memory and Imagination

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    She presents some excellent ideas for analyzing photographs but it's hard to take her seriously when she so clearly has issues with her mother that she hasn't dealt with She's not objective enough If you can ignore the unnecessary drama you can take away some good points but it doesn't take long before you just want to say enough already with the angst towards your mother

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    In this beautiful meditation on memory photography film and history Annette Kuhn reflects on how personal and collective memory are constructed and influenced by the cultural images that surround us Her tips for photo based memory work are also great prompts for writers ; or I imagine any sort of creative work

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Family Secrets Acts of Memory and Imagination

REVIEW Family Secrets Acts of Memory and Imagination

Annette Kuhn’s work as a theorist of culture has won her a wide reputation for dissecting film and other images in books such as Women?.

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??s Pictures and The Power of the Image In Family Secrets she turns her attention to the deconstruction of pictures closer to home photog. The Devious Duchess pictures closer to home Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing: Self Study Workbook photog.

Annette Kuhn ë 9 REVIEW

Raphs from her own childhood and images from her shared ethnographic past to trace a trajectory from personal to collective acts of memor.