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The Billionaires Bought Mistress

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And proper core when Rafe offers to repay her father's debt if she becomes his mistress With no other choice and secretly attracted to this dangerous man Antonia agrees. Decent enough book I read the whole thing straight through and didn't skim or skip to the end Have to say though since I didn't write a review as soon as I read it it doesn't say much for the book that I can't remember much about it a month later

Characters The Billionaires Bought Mistress

The passion between them is explosive but ruthless Rafe still sees beautiful Antonia as nothing but a pawn in his plans for revenge until her pregnancy changes everythi. I was lucky enough to win this on The Romance Bandits blogThis is the second book I’ve read by Annie West and once again she doesn't disappoint I loved this passionate emotional and intense romance Rafe Rafe Benton is arrogant self opinionated and domineering He has no ualms about blackmailing Antonia Malleson into becoming his mistress for six months She will be the perfect tool in his plan of revenge against the father who seduced abandoned and ultimately destroyed Rafe’s mother After all Ms Malleson is nothing than a cold hearted manipulative money digger Antonia Antonia Malleson is in an untenable position She desperately needs money to save her family name and her late father’s reputation There is only one solutionhowever unpalatablebecome Rafe Benton’s mistress for six monthsOh boy do the sparks fly between these two The sexual tension positively sizzles heightened by Rafe thinking he has the upper hand while Antonia is determined to show him that she still has a mind and a will of her own I love the part where unable to hide the fact that she is obviously Rafe’s mistress she decides to flaunt her status asa gesture of defiance So when Rafe insists “I want you looking spectacular tonight Don’t disappoint me”he gets than he bargained forI love how Ms West shows the subtle changes in their relationship as they gradually fall in love Something as simple as a look or a kiss seems to speak a thousand words He took in her large eyes her lush mouth her classic beauty and felt something tug deep inside him A need to banish the shadows from her eyes Rafe put his finger under her chin revelling in the soft texture of her flesh and tilted her face up He leaned forward and pressed a slow tender kiss to her lipsWhen Rafe kissed her like that Antonia’s mind ceased to function Instead she was simply aware Of him of the steady acceleration of her pulse as desire built and of a warmth that was of the spirit than the bodyMs West certainly knows how to write hot steamy and emotional love scenes Here are a few tantalizing tidbits Her slim fingers touched him and thought fled He held his breath as tentatively softly her fingers fluttered over him She fumbled with the condom paused and tried again He lingeredstroked his caresses languorous then purposeful And through it all his eyes held hers captive He lifted his hands to the back zip of her trousers and eased it down enjoying the view of her naked cheeks He’d been mistaken She was wearing a tiny wisp of a thong He hooked a finger underneath it and traced her bare flesh enjoying the tremor she couldn’t hideI really wanted to slap Rafe when he misconstrues the situation between Antonia and his father When Antonia discovers the full truth behind his proposition I was so glad she gave it him straight It forced him to re evaluate his life and prove himself worthy of her loveIf I have one little niggle it is that the story ends rather too abruptly Call me sentimental but I would have liked a charming EpilogueOverall this passionate emotional and sensual love story was a great read REVIEW RATING 455 Stars SENSUALITY RATING HOT This review has also been posted on my blog

Free read ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Annie West

Devastatingly attractive Rafe Benton never fails to get what he wants and now this dark hearted billionaire is seeking vengeanceIce ueen Antonia is shocked to her prim. First things first Until her pregnancy changes everythingThe H gets to know of her pregnancy on the last page so the blurb of 'The Billionaire's Bought Mistress' edition misleads into thinking that the story changes track at some juncture because of her pregnancy whereas the pregnancy plays no role in his or her actionsOtherwise it’s an enjoyable story where the H blackmailsuses money muscle to make her his mistress for 6 months She takes money and then money as per her needsdebts and still looks down her supercilious nose at his grubby arrangement Well dearie it’s a free world and you could have said no and ended in bigger trouble from which he saved your pretty ass Anyways she has to be the biggest suffering martyrice ueen I’ve had the misfortune to read about recently Well she suffers in cool silence but not in bed where she holds her own but otherwise she fightsfreezes him at every turn I liked and pitied the H for his perseverance and tolerance and hope he got his money’s worth ‘Rafe’s redemption’ could well have been ‘Antonia’s antagonism’

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  • The Billionaires Bought Mistress
  • Annie West
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9780263212907

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