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Captain Corcoran's Hoyden Bride

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??s horrified to discover her new employer the piratical Captain Corcoran never sought a governess – he wants a bride TO BE CAPTAIN’S FIRST MATE Aimée’s unadorned charm makes Captain. A sweet story of how good two people can be at misunderstanding each other I like the story though and the characters and unlike many stories of a similar character it doesn't feel embarrassing or silly a good read House of Illusion it doesn't feel embarrassing or silly a good read

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Corcoran forget the true reason he married her Then he discovers the fortune of coins stitched into Aimée’s bodice – what secrets does his new wife hide behind her oh so innocent façad. Historical romance with a young virginal but smart and strong Miss Aimée Peters gets a job as a governess in remote Yorkshire in order to escape her neglectful father who has sold her virtue to pay for his gambling debts Captain Corcoran is looking for a wife but because he has war wounds and a gruff antisocial personality he has to use deception to find a wife by hiring her as a his 'governess' which is uite sneaky but he does explain his reasons for the deception and it was good that he wasn't 'perfect' because Aimée has then an average amount of secretsI threw this book into the 'second chances' self because there is healing of Miss Peter's past through her mother's family and although I saw if coming from the moment she ran off but it was still satisfying to witness Sweet uick read that is better then the average historical fiction although very vanilla with the sexy scenesI bought the mass market version of this book from the Mills Boon UK site and there is 296 pages of story and a few pages of commercials at the end of the book2 stars

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GOVERNESS WANTED Miss Aimée Peters desperately craves respectability after her father scandalously auctions off her virginity she flees London to become a governess in remote Yorkshire She?. Una storia senza infamia e senza lodeI due protagonisti alle prese con troppi fraintendimenti e repentini cambi di stato la lei di turno passa da dura e da niente mi fa paura al terrore totale in un nanosecondo non migliorano l'andamento della lettura; se all'inizio non dà fastidio a lungo andare diventa noioso3 stelle perché lui è un capitano della Marina e io non sono riuscita a resistergli

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