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International Bestseller A Book of the Month Club Pick The Little Paris Bookshop meets Jojo Moyes in Goodbye Paris an utterly charming novel that proves that sometimes you have to break your heart to make it wholeFrom the simple melody of running her violin shop to the full blown orchestra of her romantic interludes in Paris with David her devoted partner of eight years Grace Ather. 4 stars to Goodbye

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Ton has always set her life to music Her world revolves entirely around David for Grace’s own secrets have kept everyone else at bay Until suddenly and shockingly one act tips Grace’s life upside down and the music seems to stop It takes a vivacious old man and a straight talking teenager to kick start a new song for Grace In the process she learns that she is not as alone in t. 4 Lovely and Sweet

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He world as she had once thought that no mistake is insurmountable and that the uiet moments in life can be something to shout about Filled with charming and lovably flawed characters and illuminated with the undeniable romance and magic of Paris Goodbye Paris is a poignant compulsively readable novel that shows us that when it comes to love there’s than one way to find happines. Anstey Harris give

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  • Goodbye ParisA Novel
  • Anstey Harris
  • English
  • 16 August 2019
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About the Author: Anstey Harris

Anstey Harris is based by the seaside in south east England where she lives with her violinmaker husband and two dogs She teaches creative writing in the community local schools and as an associate lecturer for Christchurch University in CanterburyAnstey writes about the things that make people tick the things that bind us and the things that can rip us apart In 2015 she won the H G Wells S

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    Comparisons to other books in book descriptions is a pet peeve of mine because most of the time I just don’t see them I’ve read and enjoyed several books by Jojo Moyes but I guess not the ones that this is compared too I did read and love Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and the comparison is thin at best So if you are going into this looking for those stories you may not find them I didn’t but having said that I found a sweet story in its own right and I wish publishers would promote a book on its own merits It was sad from the beginning the status to which Grace Atherton elevates her boyfriend David her married boyfriend with a wife and children had me feeling sorry for her as she was just so gullible I had such mixed feelings about Grace Atherton about the story at first I definitely didn’t get why Grace hung in there with this guy for 8 years believing that he’d leave his wife when the kids were grown The story moves back and forth between the present and when they first met and recounts the times that they meet in Paris when of course it’s convenient for David Grace is a luthier making and repairing string instruments a career she embarks on since she has been unable to play her cello after being thrown out of music school when she believed she had a promising career as a musician Eventually we discover some of the trauma that she experienced but it isn’t until the end that Grace discovers that it wasn’t because of her lack of talent At some point I became engaged in the story with the introduction and connection to two other characters Nadia is a teenage girl working in Grace’s shop a talented musician who is experiencing some typical teenage drama as well as the hurt over her parents marital problems and their lack of concern for her Mr Williams an aging customer for whom she refurbishes an old violin made by a friend is lonely and has his own relationship stories to tell I loved the kind and wise Mr Williams This unlikely trio of friends three sad lonely people help each other to heal to overcome their grief and to find themselves A little predictable but I enjoyed it nonetheless I received an advanced copy of this book from Touchstone through NetGalley

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    Grace Atherton was a promising cellist Her mother worked two jobs and her dad was a mechanic Her parents paid for her cello than they did for the family car They dreamed Grace's dreams In her first year of college Grace was traumatized Criticism and humiliation destroyed her confidence Her overly critical professor asked her to leave his music program She never played cello in public againGrace found her calling She became a luthier a restorer and maker of violins and violas She soon started to craft cellos as well She played her cello alone in her house using it as a coping mechanism She practiced for herself A chance meeting at a party hooked her up with David a married man They had an instant connection were head over heels in love They visualized their future marriage and family when his young children were older In the meantime he lovingly showed Grace by his thoughts and actions that she was loved and highly valued He surprised her by entering her in the Cremona Triennale Competition in Italy Held in Cremona the birthplace of Antonio Stradivari the judges would determine the top violin voila cello and bass The winner in each category would find the prices of their instruments soar as a result of this recognition Grace must now craft a flawless cello Winning could fulfill her promises and dreamsRecently Grace and David had returned from a getaway in Paris After attending a concert they walked to the Metro As the train approached a young woman fell on the tracks Without a second's thought David jumped onto the tracks and was able to whisk her away moments before the train entered the station Trying to avoid recognition David and Grace went up the escalator to leave the Metro station The public had other ideas They wanted to acknowledge the gallant hero CCTV footage revealed the mystery man David and arguably proof of his dalliance with Grace She was devastated Back in England Grace had been able to cultivate two friendships Mr Williams a customer and eighty year old violinist and Nadia her eighteen year old angst ridden shop assistant Their support of downtrodden Grace helped her heal from her heartbreakGrace's job as luthier was fascinating I learned that a cello never sounds as good on the first bowing If a great instrument has been crafted it will continue to sound better over the years of playing The depth of sound will be conveyed through the rings and knots of the woodGoodbyeParis by Anstey Harris is ultimately a novel showing that disappointment and heartbreak must not prevail Support and encouragement can change a narrative and create a different path to happinessThank you Touchstone and Anstey Harris for the opportunity to read Goodbye Paris in exchange for an honest review

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    4 stars to Goodbye Paris 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Wow Grace the main character in Goodbye Paris is leading a complicated life She had once been a prominent cellist but something happened in college that has kept her from playing in public since Grace leads a somewhat hidden life while she has a long distance affair with a man named David who is married with children She is tied to David and waiting for him to leave his marriage for her but he openly refuses until his children are grown And until that time Grace waitsDavid gains unplanned public attention when he heroically saves a woman on the Metro However the fame comes at a cost his privacy Grace is left broken hearted and is considering bowing out of the her cello making competition into which she has put all of her energy Grace’s saviors come in the forms of two unlikely friends an eighty year old man and a teenage girl How will this uirky pair help Grace put the pieces of her shattered life back together?Goodbye Paris is a charming comforting story of overcoming obstacles and pain through friendship and how a heart can mend itself with the bolstering of steadfast companions Thank you to Touchstone for the complimentary ARC All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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    A wonderful uplifting tale about finding friendship in the most unexpected of places Grace is a violin maker that has her own shop in rural England and is in a long distance relationship with David who lives in France She has dreams of winning a prize in a prestigious violin making competition but after a fateful night in Paris with David her dreams come crashing down in the aftermath With her soul at rock bottom her friends rally around her a lonely old man and an angst ridden teen become Grace's unlikely allies as she tries to rebuild her life and make it to Italy in time for the competitionI was enchanted by this book the characters are all too real and I learned a lot about the making of stringed instruments something that wasn't even on my radar before But don't get me wrong this book isn't overloaded with technical detail it's a very interesting part as is the competition in Italy itself where makers of stringed instruments from around the world get together This novel is full of charm and will delight even the most jaded reader RecommendedMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    The marketing for this book stated it was for fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine which was a favorite of mine So I had to give this a try At the beginning I didn’t see the connection Grace is already in a relationship albeit with a married man But while they are together in Paris he saves a woman in the metro and their lives are changed The book is told from Grace’s perspective and she paints David in a wonderful light But I disliked him from the get go Call it my personal uirk I’ve got a real problem with adultery I never buy the whole “staying together for the kids” BS But I loved the relationship between Grace and Nadia And with Mr Williams It is like Eleanor in that these friendships are not the standard Their initial bond is music I am always in awe of writers that can translate making art or music onto the written page Harris has that ability “We are an engine the three of us and we play with exactness precision We play like we are making a pact with the devil” Harris also has the ability to describe the instruments “The music this instrument makes warrants real heavy words It keeps making me think of food of chocolate of treacle of dark burnt toast and melting yellow butter” I read this as a real paper book and I have to say I missed being able to highlight sections on my kindle This for example “Isn’t that the beauty of life Grace? Those unexpected moments where a turn that feels so wrong so awkward at the time blossoms into opportunities like this?” Or this “ We are two adults with a brief episode of shared past; he’s not a monster and I’m not a failure The past is mostly harmless”I can’t say I understood Grace’s actions I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that amount of pain that I would do something like that But the book ultimately is about learning from your mistakes and finding the strength to move on It kept my interest and was a fascinating book And keep the hanky nearby you’ll need it Another favorite for 2018 Five big sweet stars My thanks to Touchstone for an advance copy of this book

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    4 Lovely and Sweet StarsGrace is a cellist and a luthier She owns a shop where she repairs violins and violas She loves her place in life and she loves her boyfriend David though neither have brought her the fulfillment she imagined After getting kicked out of music school she no longer plays the cello in public and David happens to be married and has never given her the illusion that he’s planning to leave his wife at least not while the children are little Grace has big plans however she has entered the Cremona Triennale Competition for which she is building a cello It is her masterpiece Mr Williams an aging a customer of her shop who is kind caring and gives sage advice and Nadia her energetic and sassy teenage employee support her fully through this endeavor When a catastrophe happens putting David in the public eye Grace’s life is torn to shreds Will she be able to recover enough to play in the competition? What makes a life? From the start of this novel until its end the answer to that uestion is different for Grace Atherton who discovers what’s in her heart her own sense of self and the simple fact that friendship is what makes the world go round This is a book where the characters have such heart and such depth that you feel what they feel their feelings of anxiety frustration heartache jubilance and love every ounce of it oozes from these pages and into the hearts and souls of its readers That is what Anstey Harris has accomplished with Goodbye Paris My favorite is character Nadia She is bright bold brilliant and oh so funny Kudos to Anstey Harris for bringing such incredible characters to life I loved them allThank you to Touchstone for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewPublished on Goodreads and Twitter on 91618

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    Anstey Harris choose the “feel good novel format “ for Goodbye Paris her first novel She fully embraces this genre Every person involved in this story has problems or issues or woes And in the feel good format all are neatly resolved by novels endGrace Atherton has her life set She repairs musical instruments in her shop tends her home and friends Nadia and Mr Williams Most importantly she waits patiently for the children of her married lover David to come of age so she and David can marry and live happily ever after Life interferes with her planNow crisis after crisis occurs Drugs pregnancy damaged instruments retaliation by David’s other mistress and stage fright are some of the problemsFor me the weakness of the novel is that every issue is resolved Not only resolved but resolved neatly kindly and efficiently It is too perfect It is too neatThe book was eminently readable especially the descriptions of lovingly restoring the damaged instrumentsIf you suspend reality you will love this book But if reality creeps in you will still enjoy it I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley #netgalley #goodbyeparis

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    Anstey Harris gives us the delightful and moving story of the lonely Grace Atherton whose life revolves around her passion for music although unable to play music in public after traumatic events in her past She has settled into repairing stringed instruments at her violin shop helped on Saturdays by the 17 year old Nadia a girl with her own issues but an incredible musical talent and sustained by clients such as the elderly compassionate and kind Mr Williams Grace's secrets keeps her distant from other people but Grace has another passion her 8 year long distance relationship with David who lives in France the love of her life a man she trusts implicitly However David lives in France and is a married man married to a lawyer a couple that are only staying together because of their children whilst each pursues sexual relationships with othersOut of the blue David is hailed a hero on social media in a story that goes viral when he saves a life on the Paris Metro However this pushes a spotlight on David's life throwing a light into its darkest corners revealing him to be a liar a man with other secrets Grace is shattered at the heartbreak a broken woman as her love lies bleeding smashed into pieces It is barely surprising she go offs the rails when the music within her crashes to a tumultuous halt But Grace is not as alone as she imagines as she picks up the vital elements of her life helped by stalwart friends Mr Williams and Nadia and music her joy once again takes flight within her Music has not forsaken her as Grace once believed Harris gives us wonderful characterisation the need for friends love heartbreak overcome amidst a vibrant backdrop of music and instruments throughout the novel A lovely emotional read an immersive read completely engaging and absorbing Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for an ARC

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    In Goodbye Paris a woman whose life is shattered finds the strength to turn everything around thanks to two unlikely alliesThe only way I am going to start to rebuild my life is on a ladder of honesty This is where I start; this naked vision of meGrace is a talented luthier; the musical instruments she makes and restores are praised by musicians and collectors around the world At one time she had a promising future as a musician herself until a traumatic incident led to her departure from music school and her inability to play in front of anyone Alone she can play forever; the minute someone steps into view she has a panic attackGrace has been in a relationship with David for eight years shuttling back and forth from her home in the UK to his apartment in Paris Everything has been arranged to fit David’s life; she has kept everyone else at bay while they’re together She knows there will come a time when they can be together always and she just needs to be patient But in a split second with a single reaction everything changes forcing Grace to push everything—and everyone—away and to destroy the things she cherishes so muchIt will take the love and support of her teenage shop assistant and an elderly customer to find her passion again to embrace the things she should and say goodbye to the things that hurt That will involve reopening some old wounds and finding the courage to move on Goodbye Paris was a really good story and I even got choked up a bit That should be surprising and yet not surprising at all It has some slow moments but Anstey Harris has created some tremendously memorable characters and things unfold slightly differently than I expected It's always nice to have a surprise or two when reading a romance novel which are never that big on surprisesMy greatest criticism isn't of the book it's of the marketing of it The blurb refers to this book as Jojo Moyes meets Eleanor Oliphant I'm never keen on comparing books to the latest thing because most of the time it either sets up expectations or makes people who didn't like the books it's being compared to shy away Suffice it to say there's not a trace of Oliphantishness in this book and I'm not even certain where the Moyes comparison comes in Goodbye Paris is a good book in its own right It's a poignant thought provoking story worth readingCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

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    Find all of my reviews at “Jojo Moyes meets Eleanor Oliphant “ A note to all publishing houses blurbists whoever else lends a hand in writing things like the above hoping it will sell a lot of booksearn high ratings simply due to the namedropping I mean I bought into it enough to reuest this from NetGalley sure but I wouldn’t hand over my hard earn dollars on a comparison like the above ever – mainly because I'm well aware that there is a snowball’s chance in Hades that there could even be something that resulted in a successful JoJo Moyes and Eleanor Oliphant mashup Making statements like this backfires nearly 100% of the time Stick with appealing to users via cutesie covers and titles like this one has You'll find many of us are pretty much whores easy sales This one gets a “meh” amount of stars for the simple fact that I am not a music lover and this is a lot about music Playing music building instruments music music music It also didn’t help that the leading lady was supposed to be “A fucking trainwreck of a forty year old who reads people’s diaries and shags other women’s husbands” Which would normally have me saying But in this case only had me feeling annoyed that there was so little keeping my interest And this was a story that should have really kept my interest A woman discovers everything about her longtime relationship is not what she thinks befriends her snarly employee and an elderly patron of her store and finds herself Sadly after finding myself lost in all the cello speak there was no hope for me ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reiew Thank you NetGalley

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