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Lofty dreams into concrete deadline driven goals that align your deepest values with your everyday existence Silard will help you understand the true source of your passion and motivation to build a foundation for change and ultimately the skills to cultivate a truly authentic life     The Connection includes dozens of specific tools and strategies all enhanced with personal examples inspiring uotes and insightful anecdotes to offer an entertaining and life changing rea

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Leadership guru Anthony Silard shows how to bring greater purpose to life by transforming dreams into concrete deadline driven goals and aligning values with everyday actionsIn this landmark book leadership guru Anthony Silard takes a holistic view of success that makes sense in a modern world With the proliferation of texting emails smart phones and our home lives have begun to look a lot like work and now than ever people crave deep connections and fulfillment in both thei

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R personal and professional lives The Connection provides ways to handle the unprecedented information flow increased loneliness and lack of purpose that so often characterizes modern culture The Connection is a valuable resource for people who wish to live with value and purpose and develop a centered directed and resilient approach to life      With a simple set of exercises Silard shows you how to bring worth and drive to every aspect of your life by transforming your In the Grip you how to bring worth and drive to every aspect of Dom na Zanzibarze your life by transforming Quantum Physics and the Multiplicity of Mind your

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