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Unfallen Roses Petals and Thorns

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Meet five young ladies who call themselves The Roses Each rose represents a different color They all have the same thing in common poor living in Harlem Tenements where dopefiends lurk the streets day and night They will do anything to get away from it all by any means Theirs Toni the only white female out the bouuet she’s the daughter of a feared hitman from Brooklyn Toni represents the pink rose – Happiness Then Ava the oldest of the bouuet she’s a college graduate who works in a bank no one likes her very much but The Roses love her Ava’s the black rose – Deat

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Dy’s favorite word is Opportunity whenever it comes knocking Melody opens the door Melody is the red rose – Love One day on their way to a basketball game at City College changes their lives forever Opportunity has come for them all The moves The Roses make with Petals and Thorns chosen friends got the attention of the federal government Learn why women loved themmen feared themthe streets of New York Balti Philly and Washington respected them People in high places wanted them dead The federal government didn’t understand how five females from Harlem controlled it al

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H Next comes Kia Ava’s younger sister she’s the smallest of the bouuet Kia is a basketball fanatic She will fight or cut anyone smaller or bigger than her – even her sister Kia is the yellow rose – Friendship Meet Regeanne a chess player rather a chess champ She’s six feet tall 195 pounds When she gets mad her light brown eyes turn green She’s better known as Big Rage She represents the white rose – Peace Finally we have Melody the only Spanish mami in the click Melody is a computer whiz She dreams of one day owning her own computer company named Hi Surf Melo

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Unfallen Roses Petals and Thorns
  • Anthony Walker
  • en
  • 23 July 2017
  • 9780974929828

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    This book was actually very good the storyline was very good I thought they were going to play it out like set it off but the storyline did take a turn so I really liked it the characters were on point I definitely want to read the next one

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