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The Saddle Club

SUMMARY The Saddle Club

Ep Never get personally involved with the clients When Keon her top earner falls for one of his regulars he finds himself mixed up in murder mayhem and mischief than he can handl. This was a pretty interesting book Whenever I put it down I found myself wanting to get back to it to see what would happen next I am giving in a 35 I will read the seuel as I assume there will be one


Welcome to the Saddle Club where you can have the man of your dreams without the commitment that is if you can afford it Masked as a private social club for women who love horse. This book started off ok but the ending was stupid Hopefully it will be another part so some things will be cleared up This book was about a guy that was just released from prison He had took the wrap for a friend who wouldn't have been able to serve that time He returns home to lice with his grandmother He finds out he has a daughter and the friend he went to jail for still is a hothead The night Lebanon was released from prisonhuman DNA his hothead friend met a t his place He got some welcome home sex from a madam named Lavender and went out for a night on the town Lavender ran a escort service that specifically serviced wealthy women After having sex with Lens she had to recruit him After another brush with the law because of his hothead friend Lavender bailed Keno out and she propositioned him to work for het escort service That's where the twist and turns took place and led to sexmurder and mayheim The ending was kinda rushed It also had some typos If I had to give this book a grade it would be a C Hopefully the authors other books will be better The author has potential

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Racing The Saddle Club offers high class sex to powerful womenLavender the head madam of the house has only one rule that she expects all of her well hung buff sexy talents to ke. ok so this book what can I say about it its ghetto the grammar could use some editing there were words misspelled used incorrectly and everything the book can be for someonewho needs a lite read Lavender the owner of the club is a coke head Rafia I am sure I spelled his name wrong is her right hand man who wants to become a partner in the club and is controlling than there is Keon or Special K who is dumb I mean I hate to sound mean but this guy here is like beyond stupid Hell I was starting to wonder if he was slowDecent book but left you with uestions

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