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The Fairy Land of Science

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Introduction to the wonders of the physical world sunbeams and the work they do the aerial ocean in which we live.

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A drop of water on its travels the two great sculptors water and ice the voices of nature and how we hear them the.

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Life of a primrose the history of a piece of coal bees in the hive and bees and flowers Suitable for ages 10 and.

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    There are forces around us and among us which I shall ask you to allow me to call fairies and these are ten thousand times wonderful magical and beautiful in their work than those of the old fairy tales They too are invisible and many people live and die without ever seeing them or caring to see them These people go about with their eyes shut either because they will not open them or because no one has taught them how to seeBuckley Arabella B 2004 05 01 The Fairy Land of Science p 3 Public Domain Books Kindle Edition