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    Good bookA very good effort and worth going through The ending was a bit abrupt though does not discount the book at all

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    Sphere of Influence is an ambitious political thriller that shines a spotlight on India and Central Asia I enjoyed the novel's scope and it is clear that Ashish Dhonge performed a large amount of research to make the story as realistic as possible I would happily read other books from the author The only problems I saw were some grammar issues that could be easily fixed by a proofreader such as missing uotations marks and an being used in place of and The voices of some characters especially the Americans need to be a little realistic The characters sounded a little too proper where they should have been casual Finally the USS Carl Vinson is listed as one of four helicopter carriers in the US fleet but in truth it is one of ten Nimitz class aircraft carriers With a bit polish this will be a great book and I do recommend it to anyone who enjoys Tom Clancy's work

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Sphere of Influence


H a Russian backed air assault failing it looks as if the entire half of Tajikistan will be lost for the duration of the winter Eventually it is on a hastily collected force of Indian and Tajik soldiers battling to keep the crucial M 41 highway into the GBAO open for reinforcements that the hopes of two nations rest up.

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Sphere of Influence is a piece of fiction on India’s first military intervention in a Central Asian Nation from the point of view of four major and several minor characters based in Tajikistan India Russia and China The story starts in Tajikistan with the near successful assassination of its long serving President an.


D the beginning of a foreign supported insurgency centered around its Gorno Badakshan GBAO province The Tajik President is operated upon at the Indian Military Hospital in Dushanbe as the interim President seeks help from Russia and the US But a resurgent Russia has its own plans of who can and who cannot intervene Wit.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 344
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Ashish Dhongde
  • en
  • 13 June 2017
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